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Updated   9/23/2021

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AR84-NRB Arthur's Tree House
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
BLT71-NRB Angelina Ballerina In The Wing
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
BLT72-NRB Miss Lilly Is Leaving Angelina Ballerina
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
BLT73-NRB Mouse Of The Year Angelina Ballerina
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
BLT74-NRB Silver Locket Angelins Ballerina
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
BTP07-NRB Washington's War Blast To The Past
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
CQ112-NRB Mr Macky Is Wacky My Weird School
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
CQ113-NRB Ms Coco Is Loco My Weird School
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
CQ141 Ms. Krup Cracks Me Up! AR
Gutman, Dan.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
CQ142 Thrills, Spills, And Cosmic Chills AR
Greenburg, Dan.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
DGO03-NRB Diego And Papi To The Rescue Regent Bound
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
DOR21-NRB Dora Climbs Star Mountain Regent Bound
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
DOR22-NRB Its Sharing Day Dora The Explorer Regent Bound
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
DPB31-NRB Disney Pictruebacks Cinderella Iii
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
DRN33-NRB Secrets Of Droon Pirates Of The Purple Dawn Regent Bound
Abbott, Tony.  Regent Bound  $11.99  
FGR53-NRB Froggy Plays T-ball Regent Bound AR
London, Jonathan,  Regent Bound  $16.99  
FRG53-NRB Froggy Plays T-ball Regent Bound AR
London, Jonathan,  Regent Bound  $16.99  
GAH12-NRB Golden Tree Regent Bound Due March 2007
  Regent Bound  $12.99  
GAH15 Exile. Regent Bound AR; Lexile
Lasky, Kathryn.  Regent Bound  $11.99  
GBH900 Set Of 3 Goosebumps Horrorland Books Spring 08
GER28-NRB Wedding Crasher Geronimo Stilton Regent Bound
  Regent Bound  $13.99  
GER29-NRB Fabumouse Australian Adventure Titchg Down And Out Down Under
  Regent Bound  $13.99  
GER33 Valley Of The Giant Skeletons AR; Lexile
Stilton, Geronimo.  Regent Bound  $13.99  
GI105-NRB Nicki American Girl Today Regent Bound
Creel, Ann Howard.  Regent Bound  $13.99  
GSB51-NRB Goosebumps Chicken Chicken Regent Bound Due Feb/07 AR; Lexile
Stine, R. L.  Regent Bound  $12.99  
GSB52-NRB Monster Blood Iii Regent Bound Due Feb/07 AR; Lexile
Stine, R. L.  Regent Bound  $12.99  
GSB53-NRB Goosebumps Graphix Terror Trips
  Regent Bound  $15.49  
HKD49-NRB Hank The Cowdog Case Of The Booby Trapped Pickup(rb)2/7
  Regent Bound  $12.49  
HL184-NRB Boxcar Children The Secret Of The Mask Regent Bound
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
IE47-NRB American Girls The Light In The Cellar A Molly Mysterry
Buckey, Sarah Masters,$d1955-  Regent Bound  $13.99  
IE48-NRB American Girls Midnight In Lonesome Hollow A Kit Mystery
Ernst, Kathleen,  Regent Bound  $13.99  
IE49-NRB American Girls Shadow On Society Hills An Addy Mystery
Coleman, Evelyn,  Regent Bound  $13.99  
JBJ26-NRB Junie B First Grader Dumb Bunny
Park, Barbara.  Regent Bound  $17.49  
JW34-NRB Case Of The Kidnapped Candy Jigsaw Jones Regent Bound
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
KAZ26-NRB Katie Kazoo Switcheroo Open Wide
Krulik, Nancy E.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
KAZ27-NRB Katie Kazoo Switcheroo No Biz Like Show Biz
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
KAZ32 Flower Power! AR
Krulik, Nancy E.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
KAZ33 Free The Worms!
Krulik, Nancy E.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MM55-NRB Just So Thankful Little Critter AR
Mayer, Mercer.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MM58 It's Earth Day Little Critter AR
Mayer, Mercer,  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MMC42-NRB A Master Piece For Bess Disney Fairies
Bergen, Lara.  Regent Bound  $12.99  
MT38-NRB Magic Tree House Dragon Of The Red Dawn AR; Lexile
Osborne, Mary Pope.  Regent Premier Binding  $16.99  
MTR15-NRB Magic Tree House Research Guides Tsunamis And Other Natural Disasters
Osborne, Mary Pope.  Regent Bound  $11.99  
NRB900 Set Of 38 New Regent Bound Books Fall 06
  Regent Bound  $427.12  
NRB902 Set Of 16 Regent Bound Picture Bokks
NRB903 Set Of 2 Regent Bound Beginning Readers Spring 08
NRB904 Set Of 17 Regent Bound Chapterbooks Spring 08
PC91 Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit Lexile
Danziger, Paula,  Regent Bound  $11.99  
PC92 Horrible Harry Bugs The Three Bears AR
Kline, Suzy.  Regent Bound  $15.99  
PPL03-NRB Shadow Regent Bound
Miles, Ellen.  Regent Bound  $11.99  
PPL04-NRB Puppy Place Rascal Regent Bound
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
PPL09 Pugsley AR
Miles, Ellen.  Regent Bound  $11.99  
TMS07-NRB Time Soldiers Pony Express Nyp Due March 2009
  Regent Bound  $17.95  
TT26-NRB Thomas Milkshake Muddle Thomas The Tank Engine
  Regent Bound  $11.99  

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