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Updated   12/7/2021

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MI255 Nicotine Busted
Connelly, Elizabeth Russell.  Library Bound  $24.59  
MI257 Steroids Busted AR
Mintzer, Richard.  Library Bound  $24.59  
ANI01 How To Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol 1 Basics For Beginners And Beyond
Ozawa, Tadashi,  Paperback  $19.99  
ANI02 How To Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol 2 Expressing Emotions
Ozawa, Tadashi,  Paperback  $15.99  
ANI03 How To Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol 3 Bringing Daily Actions To Life
Ozawa, Tadashi,  Paperback  $19.99  
ANI32 Street Scene How To Draw Graffiti Syle
Lee, John,  Paperback  $19.99  
ART53 Botticelli AR
Connolly, Sean,  Library Bound  $23.56  
ART57 Claude Monet AR
Connolly, Sean,  Library Bound  $23.56  
ART79 Late Modernism AR
Fitzpatrick, Anne,  Library Bound  $24.14  
AS100 Venus
Feinstein, Stephen.  Library Bound  $19.45  
AS101 Voyage To The Planets And Beyond
Haines, Tim.  Hardcover  $30.00  
AS102 Jupiter A Book
Feinstein, Stephen.  Library Bound  $19.45  
AS103 Mars A Book
Feinstein, Stephen.  Library Bound  $19.45  
AS104 Mercury A Book
O'Connell, Kim A.  Library Bound  $19.45  
AS105 Neptune A Book
Scherer, Glenn.  Library Bound  $19.45  
AS106 Pluto A Book
O'Connell, Kim A.  Library Bound  $19.45  
AS107 Saturn A Book
Feinstein, Stephen.  Library Bound  $19.45  
AS109 Uranus A Book
Scherer, Glen.  Library Bound  $19.45  
AS110 Asteroids Comets And Meteors
Miller, Ron,  Library Bound  $21.51  
AS98 Earth
Feinstein, Stephen.  Library Bound  $19.45  
AS99 The Moon
Feinstein, Stephen.  Library Bound  $19.45  
BI127 V. I. Lenin Lexile
Goldstein, Margaret J.  Library Bound  $15.30  
BI141 Pervez Musharraf President Of Pakistan
Harmon, Daniel E.  Library Binding  $24.60  
BI144 Gwen Stephanie
Krohn, Katherine E.  Library Binding  $15.30  
BI155 Genghis Khan AR; Lexile
Goldberg, Enid A.  Library Binding  $15.00  
BI156 Grigory Rasputin AR; Lexile
Goldberg, Enid A.  Library Binding  $15.00  
BI157 Ivan The Terrible AR; Lexile
Price, Sean.  Library Binding  $15.00  
BI158 Leopold Ii AR; Lexile
Olson, Tod.  Library Binding  $15.00  
BI161 Tomas De Torquemada AR; Lexile
Goldberg, Enid A.  Library Binding  $15.00  
BI162 Vlad The Impaler AR; Lexile
Goldberg, Enid A.  Library Binding  $15.00  
BI165 Up Close: Bill Gates
Aronson, Marc.  Hardcover  $16.99  
BI168 Einstein's Mistakes
Ohanian, Hans C.  Hard Cover  $24.95  
BO36 Animal Cloning The Science Of Nuclear Transfer
Panno, Joseph.  Hardcover  $35.00  
BO63 Mechanisms Of Genetics
  Library Bound  $24.60  
BO73 Plant Ecology
Gibson, J. Phil.  Library Bound  $15.94  
BO74 Plant Genetics
Tornqvist, Carl Erik.  Library Binding  $15.94  
BY72 The Coming Free The Struggle For African-american Equality 1954-1966
Rubel, David.  Hardcover  $40.00  
C1001 Peterson's Four Year Colleges 2010
  Softcover  $32.95  
C1002 Peterson's Two-year Colleges 2010
  Softcover  $28.95  
C1003 440 Great Colleges For Top Students
  Softcover  $19.95  
C1009 Fiske Guide To Colleges 2010
  Softcover  $22.99  
C907 College Handbook 2009
College Board  Paper Back  $29.95  
CFT25 Acrylics Workshop
McDowell, Phyllis.  Paperback  $14.95  
CFT29 Injeanious
Greene, Lauren A.  Paperback  $14.95  
CFT32 Find Your Style, And Knit It Too
Turner, Sharon,  Paperback  $14.99  
CFT33 Get Hooked Again
Werker, Kim P.  Paperback  $11.95  
CLR105 Teen Consumer Smarts
Menhard, Francha Roffe  lib.  $7.00  
CLR113 Career Opportunities In Writing
Taylor, Allan  hc  $7.00  
CLR120 God Against The Gods
Kirsch, Jonathan  hc  $7.00  
CLR425 Betty Crocker Simply Dessert
  hc  $7.00  
DP21 The Great Depression (eyewitness To History Series)
Burg, David F.  Hardcover  $67.50  
DP30 Defining Moment
Alter, Jonathan.  Hardcover  $29.95  
DU101 Shadow Divers AR
Kurson, Robert.  Hardcover  $26.95  
EI10 Genetic Engineering Debating The Benefits And Concerns AR
Judson, Karen,  Library Bound  $10.25  
EI11 Medical Ethics Life And Death Issues AR
Judson, Karen,  Library Bound  $10.25  
EI22 Aids In The 21st Century What You Schould Know
Houle, Michelle M.  Library Bound  $10.25  
EI93 Television
  Library Binding  $32.58  
EP10220 College Board - The Official Sat Study Guide 2ed
  Softcover  $21.95  
EP10226 Master The Sat 2010 Petersen's
  Softcover  $18.95  
ETI24 Dating Relarionships And Sexuality
Beckman, Wendy Hart.  Library Bound  $24.59  
ETI27 The Date Book
Stalder, Erika.  Paperback  $12.95  
EV172 The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
Ingram, Scott.  Hardcover  $35.00  
EV173 The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Leacock, Elspeth.  Hardcover  $35.00  
EV174 Hurricane Andrew
Harper, Kristine.  Hardcover  $35.00  
EV175 The Kuwaiti Oil Fires
Hirschmann, Kris,  Hardcover  $35.00  
EV176 The Mount St. Helens Volcanic Eruptions
Harper, Kristine.  Hardcover  $35.00  
EV177 The San Francisco Earthquake
Worth, Richard.  Hardcover  $35.00  
EV189 Natural Disasters
  Library Bound  $24.60  
EV218 Green Christmas
Sander, Jennifer Basye / Sande  Paperback  $7.95  
FCB01 Althea Gibson Tennis Player
Benson, Michael.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB03 Denzel Washington Actor
Parish, James Robert.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB04 Eugenie Clark Marine Biologist
Reis, Ronald A.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB06 Hank Aaron Basebal Player
Benson, Michael.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB07 Hillary Rodham Clinton First Lady And Senator
Ryan, Bernard,  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB08 J.k. Rowling Author
Mattern, Joanne,  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB12 Jonas Salk Microbiologist
Reis, Ronald A.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB13 Katie Couric Tv News Broadcaster
Parish, James Robert.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB14 Lance Armstrong Cyclist
Benson, Michael.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB15 Laura Bush Teacher, Librarian, And First Lady
Forbes, Dina E.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB17 Mia Hamm Soccer Player
Axelrod Contrada, Joan.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB18 Michael Jordan Basketball Player
McGovern, Mike,  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB19 Michelle Kwan Figure Skater
Peterson, Todd  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB20 Roberto Clemente Baseball Player
Roberts, Jerry.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB21 Sally Ride Astronaut
Mattern, Joanne,  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB23 Stephen Hawking Physicist And Teacher
Ryan, Bernard,  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB24 Stephen King Author
Parish, James Robert.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB25 Steven Spielberg Filmmaker
Parish, James Robert.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB27 Twyla Tharp Dancer And Choreographer
Parish, James Robert.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB28 Warren Buffet Financier
Ryan, Bernard,  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB29 Wayne Gretzky Hockey Player
Benson, Michael.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB30 William H. Rehnquist Chief Justice Of The U.s. Supreme Court
Cameron, Scott.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB31 Gloria Estefan
Parish, James Robert.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB32 Jim Henson
Parish, James Robert.  Library Bound  $25.00  
FCB33 Jimmy Carter
Ryan, Bernard,  Library Bound  $25.00  
FN60 As Seen In Vogue A Century Of American Fashion In Advertising
Hill, Daniel Delis.  Hardcover  $45.00  
GB41 Globalization And Development
Jaffe, Eugene D.  Library Bound  $27.00  
GB42 Globalization And Human Rights
Kadragic, Alma.  Library Bound  $27.00  
GB43 Globalization And Labor
Enderwick, Peter.  Library Bound  $27.00  
GB44 Globalization And Poverty
Ballard, Nadeja.  Library Bound  $27.00  
GB45 Globalization And The Physical Environment
Jeong, Ho Won.  Library Bound  $27.00  
GB46 Globalization Language And Culture
Lee, Richard,  Library Bound  $27.00  
GB52 Biomass Energy From Plants And Animals
  Library Bound  $31.45  
HCC03 Cool Careers Without College For Math And Science Wizards AR; Lexile
Burnett, Betty,  Library Bound  $25.60  
HCC06 Cool Careers Without College For People Who Love Crafts AR; Lexile
Mannino, Stephanie.  Library Bound  $25.60  
HCC08 Cool Careers Without College For People Who Love Movement AR; Lexile
Flender, Nicole.  Library Bound  $25.60  
HCC12 Cool Careers Without College For People Who Love To Make Things Grow AR; Lexile
Burns, Monique.  Library Bound  $25.60  
HCC13 Cool Careers Without College For People Who Love To Sell Things Lexile
Gard, Carolyn.  Library Bound  $25.60  
HCC14 Cool Careers Without College For People Who Love To Travel Lexile
Payment, Simone.  Library Bound  $25.60  
HCC17 Choices For The High School Graduate A Survival Guide For The Information Age
Fireside, Bryna J.  Hardcover  $29.95  
HCC18 People Who Love Everything Digital Lexile
Romano, Amy.  Library Bound  $25.60  
HCC23 People Who Love To Organize Manage And Plan Lexile
Greenberger, Robert.  Library Bound  $25.60  
HCC24 People Who Love To Write Lexile
Roza, Greg.  Library Bound  $25.60  
HCC26 Music Lovers Lexile
Hinton, Kerry.  Library Binding  $25.60  
HEA11 Staying Safe A Teen's Guide To Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Hunter, Miranda,  Library Bound  $24.95  
HEA14 Taking Responsibility A Teen's Guide To Contraception And Pregnancy
Lange, Donna.  Library Bound  $24.95  
HEA16 The Circulatory And Lymphatic Systems
Gold, John Coopersmith.  Library Bound  $9.00  
HEA17 The Digestive And Excretory Systems
Gold, Susan Dudley.  Library Bound  $9.00  
HEA18 The Endocrine And Reproductive Systems
Kim, Melissa.  Library Bound  $9.00  
HEA19 The Musculoskeletal System And The Skin
Gold, Susan Dudley.  Library Bound  $9.00  
HEA20 The Nervous System
Gold, Martha V.  Library Bound  $9.00  
HEA21 The Respiratory System
Gold, Susan Dudley.  Library Bound  $9.00  
HEA28 Food And Nutrition
Sohn, Emily.  Library Bound  $11.25  
HEA61 Youth With Cancer Facing The Shadows
Nelson, Sheila.  Library Binding  $24.95  
HEA64 Youth With Depression And Anxiety
McIntosh, Kenneth,  Library Binding  $24.95  
HEA69 Youth With Juvenile Schizophrenia
McIntosh, Kenneth,  Library Binding  $12.48  
HEA98 Cutting And Self-harm
Veague, Heather Barnett.  Library Bound  $31.88  
HOB01 51 Chess Openings For Beginners
Alberston, Bruce.  Paperback  $12.95  
HOB07 Digital Photography Book
Kelby, Scott.  Paperback  $19.99  
HOB10 Teach Yourself Better Bridge
Bird, David,  Paperback  $10.95  
HOB14 Teach Yourself Bird Watching
Sharpe, James.  Paperback  $12.95  
HOB23 Carry Alongs:
Sullivan, Carrie A.  Paperback  $19.99  
HOB24 The Evrything Digital Photography Book, 2 Nd Edition
Doble Rick Degaris  Paper Back  $14.95  
HOB34 Paper Celebrations:
Alford, Jane  Paperback  $19.99  
HR06 Have You Seen This Face The Work Of Forensic Artists AR; Lexile
Denega, Danielle.  Library Bound  $20.02  
HR07 Killer At Large Criminal Profilers And The Cases They Solve AR; Lexile
Beres, D. B.  Library Bound  $13.50  
HR08 Killer Wallpaper True Cases Of Deadly Poisonings AR; Lexile
Prokos, Anna.  Library Bound  $13.50  
HR09 Right Bite Dentists As Detectives AR; Lexile
Winchester, Elizabeth.  Library Bound  $13.50  
HR10 Shot And Framed Photographers At The Crime Scene AR; Lexile
Webber, Diane,  Library Bound  $13.50  
HR12 Toe Tagged True Stories From The Morgue AR; Lexile
Joyce, Jaime,  Library Bound  $13.50  
HR14 Blood Suckers Deadly Mosquito Bites AR; Lexile
DiConsiglio, John.  Hardcover  $13.50  
HR15 Cute Furry And Deadly Diseases You Can Catch From Your Pet AR
Roberts, Rachel,  Library Bound  $13.50  
HR17 There's A Fungus Among Us True Stories Of Killer Molds AR; Lexile
DiConsiglio, John.  Library Bound  $13.50  
HR18 When Birds Get Flu And Cows Go Mad Cow AR; Lexile
DiConsiglio, John.  Library Bound  $13.50  
HR44 Cities Of The Dead Finding Lost Civilizations AR
Rinaldo, Denise.  Library Binding  $13.50  
HR45 Ghosts Real Life Ghost Hunters
Teitelbaum, Michael.  Library Binding  $20.02  
HR47 Mummies Unwrapped The Science Of Mummy Making AR
Grace, N. B.  Library Binding  $13.50  
HS323 Keys To American History:
Panchyk, Richard.  Hardcover  $24.95  
HSH01 Cubans In America
Engfer, Lee,  Library Bound  $10.80  
HSH09 Ellen Ochoa The First Hispanic Woman In Space AR
Paige, Joy.  Library Bound  $11.25  
HSH12 From The Winds Of Manguito (desde Los Vientos De Manguito) Cuban Folktales In English And Spanish
Perez Napoles, Elvia.  Hardcover  $35.00  
HSH14 Isabel Allende
McNeese, Tim.  Library Bound  $30.00  
HSH15 Cesar Chavez
Marcovitz, Hal.  Library Bound  $30.00  
HSH16 Salvador Dali
McNeese, Tim.  Library Bound  $15.00  
HSH17 Miguel De Cervantes
Parker, Barbara Keevil.  Library Bound  $15.00  
HSH18 Juan Ponce De León
Slavicek, Louise Chipley,  Library Bound  $15.00  
HSH20 Frida Kahlo
Morrison, John,  Library Bound  $15.00  
HSH22 Jose Marti
Sterngass, Jon.  Library Bound  $15.00  
HSH24 Ellen Ochoa
Hasday, Judy L.,  Library Bound  $15.00  
HSH25 Pablo Picasso
McNeese, Tim.  Library Bound  $15.00  
HSH27 Carlos Santana
Slavicek, Louise Chipley,  Library Bound  $15.00  
HSH29 Pancho Villa
Marcovitz, Hal.  Library Bound  $15.00  
HSM23 Beatles: 10 Years That Shook The World
  Hardcover  $20.00  
HSM44 Blues
Weissman, Dick.  Hardcover  $67.00  
HSM45 Classical
Hill, Brad,  Hardcover  $67.00  
HSM46 Country
Carlin, Richard,  Hardcover  $67.00  
HSM47 Folk
Carlin, Richard,  Hardcover  $67.00  
HSM48 Jazz
Holmes, Thom.  Hardcover  $67.00  
HSM52 Revolution AR
Duggleby, John,  Hardcover  $27.95  
LGD04 Graphic Novels In Your Media Center
LYGA, ALLYSON & BARRY  Paperback  $38.00  
LGD05 Crash Course In Teen Services
Miller, Donna P.,  Paperback  $30.00  
LJ17 American Fiction Between The Wars
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ18 American Naturalism
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ19 The American Renaissance
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ20 Edwardian And Georgian Fiction
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ21 The Eighteenth Century English Novel
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ22 Elizabethan Drama
  Library Bound  $37.95  
LJ23 English Romantic Poetry
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ24 Greek Drama
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ25 The Harlem Renaissance
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ26 The Italian Renaissance
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ27 Literature Of The Holocaust
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ28 Modern American Drama
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ29 Modern American Poetry
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ30 The Victorian Novel
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LJ31 King Arthur
  Library Bound  $36.00  
LJ32 Holden Caulfield
  Library Bound  $36.00  
LJ33 Huck Finn
  Library Bound  $36.00  
LJ34 Frankenstein
  Library Bound  $36.00  
LJ36 Hamlet
  Library Bound  $36.00  
LJ37 Willy Loman
  Library Bound  $36.00  
LJ38 Macbeth
  Library Bound  $36.00  
LJ39 Hester Prynne
  Library Bound  $36.00  
LJ40 Satan
  Library Bound  $36.00  
LJ41 Beat Writers A - Z
  Hardcover  $65.00  
LJ42 Chicago Literary Renaissance
Pinkerton, Jan,  Hardcover  $65.00  
LJ43 Fantasy And Horror Fiction
D'Ammassa, Don,  Hardcover  $40.00  
LJ44 Encyclopedia Of Feminist Literature
Snodgrass, Mary Ellen.  Hardcover  $75.00  
LJ45 Gothic Literature
Snodgrass, Mary Ellen.  Hardcover  $65.00  
LJ46 Encyclopedia Of The Harlem Ltrry Renaissance
Brown, Lois,  Hardcover  $37.50  
LJ47 Pulp Fiction Writers
Server, Lee.  Hardcover  $60.00  
LJ48 Science Fiction
D'Ammassa, Don,  Hardcover  $65.00  
LJ49 Encyclopedia Of Transcendentalism
Wayne, Tiffany K.,  Hardcover  $65.00  
LJ52 The Catcher In The Rye
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ54 Frankenstein
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ55 The Glass Menagerie
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ56 Jane Eyre
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ57 The Metamorphosis
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ58 Native Son
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ59 The Odyssey
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ60 Oedipus Rex
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ61 The Red Badge Of Courage
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ62 Slaughterhouse-five
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ63 The Sun Also Rises
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ64 A Tale Of Two Cities
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LJ65 The Waste Land
  Library Binding  $25.50  
LK102 Students Guide To Robert Frost
Kirk, Connie Ann.  Library Bound  $21.51  
LK104 Gk Chesterton
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK105 Charles Dickens
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK109 Ralph Waldo Emerson
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK112 John Keats
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK113 Stephen King
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK114 Edgar Allen Poe
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK116 William Wordsworth
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK117 A Student's Guide To Edagar Allen Poe
McArthur, Debra.  Library Bound  $21.51  
LK118 Critical Companion To Chaucer
Rossignol, Rosalyn.  Hardcover  $75.00  
LK120 Critical Companion To Nathaniel Hawthorne
Wright, Sarah Bird.  Hardcover  $65.00  
LK121 Critical Companion To James Joyce
Fargnoli, A. Nicholas.  Hardcover  $65.00  
LK124 Critical Companion To John Steinbeck
Schultz, Jeffrey D.  Hardcover  $65.00  
LK126 Critical Companion To Walt Whitman
Oliver, Charles M.  Hardcover  $65.00  
LK127 Critical Companion To Tennesse Williams
Heintzelman, Greta.  Hardcover  $65.00  
LK128 Critical Companion Arthur Miller
Abbotson, Susan C. W.,  Hardcover  $75.00  
LK129 Critical Companion Charles Dickens
Davis, Paul B.  Hardcover  $75.00  
LK130 Critical Companion Ernest Hemingway
Oliver, Charles M.  Hardcover  $75.00  
LK133 Critical Companion Robert Frost
Fagan, Deirdre.  Hardcover  $75.00  
LK135 Eugene O'neill
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK136 Geroge Orwell
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK137 Henry David Thoreau
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK140 Tennessee Williams
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK141 Critical Companion To Edgar Allan Poe
Sova, Dawn B.  Hardcover  $75.00  
LK142 Critical Companion To Jane Austen
Baker, William,  Hardcover  $75.00  
LK143 Critical Companion To Toni Morrison
Gillespie, Carmen.  Hardcover  $75.00  
LK145 Student's Guide To Jack London
Buckwalter, Stephanie.  Library Binding  $27.93  
LK147 Student's Guide To Tennessee Williams
Hermann, Spring.  Library Binding  $21.51  
LK148 Alice Walker
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK149 Arthur Miller
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK150 Emily Dickinson
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK151 Geoffrey Chaucer
  Hardcover  $40.50  
LK86 Hans Christian Anderson
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LK87 Julio Cortazar
  Library Bound  $19.50  
LK90 Miguel De Cervantes
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LK91 Robert Hayden
  Library Bound  $19.50  
LK96 Robert Louis Stevenson
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LK97 H G Wells
  Library Bound  $40.50  
LK98 A Student's Guide To Arthur Miller Understanding Literature
Dunkleberger, Amy.  Library Bound  $21.51  
MI236 Fear & Depression
  Hardcover  $35.00  
MI237 Rape
  Hardcover  $35.00  
MI239 Smoking
McCay, William.  Hardcover  $35.00  
MI240 Violence
Larson, Karl.  Hardcover  $35.00  
MI244 Peanut Butter Milk And Other Deadly Treats
Gordon, Sherri Mabry.  Library Bound  $24.59  
MI258 Bioethics
Altman, Linda Jacobs,  Library Bound  $24.59  
MI259 High Tech Babies
Winkler, Kathleen.  Library Bound  $24.59  
MI260 Stem Cell Debate
Black, Laura,  Library Bound  $24.59  
MI262 Tobacco Atlas
Mackay, Judith.  Paperback  $29.95  
MI266 Date Rape AR
Orr, Tamra.  Library Bound  $21.52  
MI277 Gun Control
Milite, George A.  Library Bound  $24.95  
MI278 Heroin
Egendorf, Laura K.,  Library Bound  $24.95  
MI280 Marijuana
Nakaya, Andrea C.,  Library Bound  $24.95  
MI282 Nicotine And Tobacco
Naff, Clay Farris.  Library Bound  $24.95  
MI283 Performance Enhancing Drugs
Nesbit, Mark E.  Library Bound  $24.95  
MI289 The Death Penalty AR
Stearman, Kaye.  Library Binding  $20.41  
MI291 Globalization AR
Harris, Nathaniel,  Library Binding  $20.41  
MI293 Military Intervention AR
Stearman, Kaye.  Library Binding  $20.41  
MI294 Terrorist Tactics AR
Smith, David.  Library Binding  $20.41  
MI297 Club Drugs
Karson, Jill.  Library Bound  $24.95  
MI298 Cocaine And Crack
Roleff, Tamara L.,  Library Bound  $24.95  
MI302 Hallucinogens
McCage, Crystal.  Library Bound  $24.95  
MI307 Civil Liberties And Terrorism America Debates AR
Freedman, Jeri.  Library Binding  $22.52  
MI310 Privacy Versus Security Amercia Debates AR
Freedman, Jeri.  Library Binding  $22.52  
MI312 United States Policy On Immigration America Debates AR
Ambrosek, Renee.  Library Binding  $22.52  
MI323 Media Violence
Nakaya, Andrea C.,  Library Binding  $24.95  
MR163 History
  Hardcover  $50.00  
OC71 Federal Resume Guidebook
Troutman, Kathryn K.  Paperback  $21.95  
OC83 Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010 - 2011 Hardcover
  Hardcover  $25.95  
PK17 Extraordinary Essays F.w. Prep Books
Orr, Tamra.  Library Bound  $23.87  
PK19 Extraordinary Short Story Writing F.w. Prep Books
Otfinoski, Steven.  Library Bound  $23.87  
PK20 Facts On File Guide To Research
Lenburg, Jeff.  Hardcover  $45.00  
PK24 Guide To Good Writing
Manser, Martin H.  Hardcover  $45.00  
PK25 Guide To Style
Manser, Martin H.  Hardcover  $45.00  
PK26 Extraordinary Blogs And Ezines
Rominger, Lynne.  Library Bound  $23.87  
PK27 Extraordinary Debates
Orr, Tamra.  Library Bound  $23.87  
PK28 Extraordinary Poetry
Ryan, Margaret,  Library Bound  $23.87  
PK29 Extraordinary Research
Orr, Tamra.  Library Bound  $23.87  
PK34 Write Your Own Adventure Story
Farrell, Tish.  Library Binding  $24.59  
PK36 Write Your Own Fantasy Story
Farrell, Tish.  Library Binding  $24.59  
PK37 Write Your Own Historical Fiction Story
Farrell, Tish.  Library Binding  $24.59  
PK38 Write Your Own Mystery Story
Farrell, Tish.  Library Binding  $24.59  
PK39 Write Your Own Myth
Rosinsky, Natalie M.  Library Binding  $24.59  
PK40 Write Your Own Poetry AR
Salas, Laura Purdie.  Library Binding  $24.59  
PK41 Write Your Own Realistic Fiction Story
Farrell, Tish.  Library Binding  $24.59  
PK42 Write Your Own Science Fiction Story
Farrell, Tish.  Library Binding  $24.59  
PK43 Write Your Own Tall Tale AR
Rosinsky, Natalie M.  Library Binding  $24.59  
RCP01 Anderson Cooper: Profile Of A Tv Journalist
Watson, Stephanie,  Library Binding  $24.60  
RCP04 Hillary Rodham Clinton: Profile Of A Leading Democrat
Freedman, Jeri.  Library Binding  $24.60  
RK22 Taco Testimony
Chavez, Denise.  Paperback  $16.95  
SPE11 Walking The Earth Lexile
Andryszewski, Tricia,  Library Bound  $13.95  
SPE12 Gilded Age
Clark, Judith Freeman.  Hardcover  $40.00  
SPE14 1970's
Hamilton, Neil A.,  Hardcover  $40.00  
SPE17 Saudi Arabia A Brief History Of Series
Wynbrandt, James  Library Bound  $25.00  
SPE20 Progressive Era
Jaycox, Faith.  Hardcover  $40.00  
SS29 Mcculloch V. Maryland When State And Federal Powers Conflict
Pettifor, Bonnie.  Library Bound  $20.48  
SS36 Lemon V Kurtzman And The Separation Of Church And State Debate
Kowalski, Kathiann M.,  Library Bound  $20.48  
SS39 The Bakke Case And The Affirmative Action Depate Debating Supreme Court Decisions
McPherson, Stephanie Sammartin  Library Bound  $20.48  
SS42 Earls Case And The Student Drug Testing Debate
Kowalski, Kathiann M.,  Library Bound  $20.48  
SS43 Gault Case And Young People's Right
Cohen, Laura.  Library Bound  $20.48  
SS64 Marbury V Madison Establishing Supreme Court Power
Mountjoy, Shane,  Library Bound  $25.50  
SS68 Regents Of The University Of California
McNeese, Tim.  Library Binding  $25.50  
SS69 Roe V Wade Protecting A Womens Right To Choose
Hitchcock, Susan Tyler.  Library Binding  $25.50  
SS70 United States V Nixon The Question Of Executive Privilege
Van Meter, Larry A.  Library Binding  $25.50  
SV52 People Person The Story Of Sociologist Marta Tienda Lexile
O'Connell, Diane,  Library Bound  $11.94  
SV54 Space Rocks The Story Of Planetary Geologist Adriana Ocampo Lexile
Hopping, Lorraine Jean.  Library Bound  $11.94  
SV55 Strong Force The Story Of Physicist Shirley Ann Jackson Lexile
O'Connell, Diane,  Library Bound  $11.94  
SV56 Guglielmo Marconi Inventor Of Wireless Technology
Sonneborn, Liz.  Library Bound  $11.94  
SV57 Louis Pasteur Revolutionary Scientist Lexile
Lassieur, Allison.  Library Bound  $11.75  
SV60 Ibn Al-haytham First Scientist AR
Steffens, Bradley,  Library Bound  $13.98  
SV61 Story Of Robert Boyle Skeptical Chemist AR
Baxter, Roberta,  Library Bound  $13.98  
SV62 Story Of Marie Currie AR
Yannuzzi, Della A.  Library Bound  $13.98  
SV86 Albert Einstein Physicist And Genius AR
Goldenstern, Joyce.  Library Binding  $15.99  
TCK03 Amish And Mennonite
  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK04 California
  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK05 Hawaiian
  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK06 Louisiana
Sanna, Ellyn,  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK07 Mexican American
  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK08 The Midwest
Libal, Joyce.  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK09 New England
Libal, Joyce.  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK10 The Northeast
  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK11 The Northwest
Libal, Joyce.  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK13 Southern Appalachian
  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK14 Texas
  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK15 Thanksgiving
  Library Bound  $19.95  
TCK22 Teens Cook Dessert
Carle, Megan.  Paperback  $19.95  
TCK28 Snack Attack
Glick, Ruth,  Paperback  $14.95  
TE31 Global Terrorism Revised Edition (library In A Book Series)
Henderson, Harry,  Library Bound  $40.50  
TE40 Domestic Terrorism
Levin, Jack,  Library Bound  $35.00  
TE41 Middle Eastern Terrorism
Perliger, Arie.  Library Bound  $35.00  
TE42 Roots Of Terrorism
Moghadam, Assaf,  Library Bound  $35.00  
TE43 What Is Terrorism
Weinberg, Leonard,  Library Bound  $35.00  
TE44 Who Are The Terrorist
Gupta, Dipak K.  Library Bound  $35.00  
TE45 Will Terrorism End
Ross, Jeffrey Ian.  Library Bound  $35.00  
TG314 Comic Book Century
Krensky, Stephen.  Library Bound  $22.54  
TNI103 Sports Injuries
Furgang, Kathy.  Library Binding  $22.52  
TNI118 Sisters And Brothers: The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Your Siblings And Yourself AR
Winchester, Elizabeth.  Library Binding  $20.79  
TNI119 The Skin You're In : Staying Healthy Inside And Out AR
Webber, Diane,  Library Binding  $20.79  
TNI34 My Parents Are Getting Divorced How To Keep It Together When Your Mom And Dad Are Splitting Up AR
Cadier, Florence.  Paperback  $9.95  
TNI87 Being Gifted
O'Connor, Frances.  Library Binding  $22.52  
TWY25 Daily Life In The United States 1920 - 1940 How Americans Lived Through The Roaring Twenties And The Great Depression
Kyvig, David E.  Paperback  $18.95  
USP107 James A Garfield
Feldman, Ruth Tenzer.  Library Bound  $10.75  
USP109 Zachary Taylor
Roberts, Jeremy,  Library Bound  $10.75  
USP113 Laura Bush Portrait Of A First Lady AR
Edge, Laura Bufano,  Library Bound  $23.95  
USP114 George W. Bush President In A Turbulent World AR
Zollman, Pam.  Library Bound  $23.95  
USP25 John F. Kennedy AR
Uschan, Michael V.,  Library Bound  $21.96  
USP50 John Adams AR; Lexile
Feinberg, Barbara Silberdick.  Library Bound  $23.09  
WAR126 The Doughboys Over There
Beller, Susan Provost,  Library Binding  $25.61  
WH217 Ancient Aztec World Handbook To Life Series
Aguilar Moreno, Manuel.  Library Bound  $70.00  
WO50 American Women Spies Of World War Ii AR
Payment, Simone.  Library Bound  $15.99  
WO51 Women Civil War Spies Of The Confederacy
Phillips, Larissa.  Library Bound  $15.99  
WO52 Women Civil War Spies Of The Union AR
Sakany, Lois.  Library Bound  $15.99  
WO53 Women Doctors And Nurses Of The Civil War
Favor, Lesli J.  Library Bound  $15.99  
WO79 Encyclopedia Of Women And American Politics
  Hardcover  $42.50  
WO81 A To Z Of American Indian Women
Sonneborn, Liz.  Hardcover  $30.00  
YH164 Anthrax
Decker, Janet M.  Hardcover  $14.38  
YH180 West Nile Virus AR
Margulies, Phillip,  Library Bound  $19.95  
YH200 Body An Amazing Tour Of Human Anatomy
Walker, Richard.  Paperback  $9.98  
YH203 Cancer
Silverstein, Alvin.  Hardcover  $10.76  
YH228 Asthma Update
Silverstein, Alvin.  Library Bound  $24.58  
YH229 Diabetes Update
Silverstein, Alvin.  Library Bound  $24.58  
YH243 When The Mirror Lies
Orr, Tamra.  Library Bound  $23.49  
YH248 Sickle Cell Anemia Update
Silverstein, Alvin.  Library Bound  $24.58  
YH249 Does Everyone Have Adhd Lexile
Petersen, Christine.  Reinforced  $23.49  
YH250 On The Rocks
Aretha, David.  Library Bound  $23.49  
YH263 Breathe
Chryssicas, Mary Kaye.  Book & CD  $14.99  
YS182 Cyber Crimes
DeAngelis, Gina.  Library Bound  $19.95  
YS257 Capital Punishment
Marzilli, Alan.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS258 Freedom Of Speech
Allport, Alan,  Library Bound  $18.98  
YS260 Mental Health Reform
Marzilli, Alan.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS261 The Right To Privacy
Bridegam, Martha.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS262 Trial Of Juveniles As Adults
Hile, Kevin.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS265 American Military Policy
Allport, Alan,  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS266 Election Reform
Marzilli, Alan.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS267 Legalizing Marijuana
Ruschmann, Paul.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS268 Mandatory Military Service
Ruschmann, Paul.  Library Bound  $32.95  
YS270 Religion In Public Schools
Marzilli, Alan.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS274 Affirmative Action
Marzilli, Alan.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS277 Dna Evidence
Marzilli, Alan.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS280 Rights Of Students
Hudson, David L.,  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS281 Smoking Bans
Hudson, David L.,  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS282 Welfare Reform
Faherty, Sara.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS289 The Fcc And Broadcast Regulations
Ruschmann, Paul.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS291 Open Government
Hudson, David L.,  Library Bound  $32.95  
YS292 Search And Seizure
Bridegam, Martha Ann.  Library Bound  $32.95  
YS293 The War On Terror
Ruschmann, Paul.  Library Bound  $32.95  
YS311 Fetal Rights Point/counterpoint Series
Marzilli, Alan.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS325 Wireless Society
  Library Bound  $26.96  
YS328 Death And Dying Social Issues Firsthand
  Library Bound  $26.96  
YS336 Immigrants Rights After 9/11
Biddle, Wendy.  Library Bound  $16.48  
YS353 Food Safety
Sherrow, Victoria.  Library Binding  $32.95  
YS385 Capital Punishment, Second Edition
Marzilli, Alan.  Hardcover  $32.95  
YS387 Smoking Bans, Second Edition
Hudson, David L.,  Hardcover  $32.95  

407 record(s) found.