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Updated   12/7/2021

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AUB77 Lionboy42
Corder, Zizou.  CD  $29.95  
AUP138 Here, There Be Dragons
OWEN, JAMES  CD  $29.95  
AUP139 How Starbucks Saved My Life
Gill, Michael  CD  $29.95  
AUP83 Rebel Angels 7 Cds (8 Hrs)42
Bray, Libba.  CD  $50.00  
AUP98 Grayson Cd42
Cox, Lynne,  CD  $24.95  
BOT194 Island Of The Blue Dolphins 4 Cds (4 Hours)42
O'Dell, Scott,  CD  $19.95  
BOT197 Shiloh 3 Cds (2.75 Hours)42
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.  CD  $14.99  
BOT242 Mysterious Benedict Society42
  CD  $45.00  
BOT243 On The Wings Of Heroes42
Peck, Richard,  CD  $30.00  
BRW01 Annie (cd)42
  CD  $11.98  
BRW05 Carousel (cd)42
  CD  $17.98  
BRW07 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (cd)42
Sherman, Richard M.,  CD  $18.98  
BRW18 My Fair Lady (cd)42
Loewe, Frederick,  CD  $11.98  
BRW23 Producers (cd)42
  CD  $18.98  
BRW25 Sound Of Music (cd)42
Rodgers, Richard,  CD  $18.98  
BRW49 Step Up (cd)42
  CD  $18.98  
BRW60 Fantastic Four Rise The Silver Surfer
  CD  $18.99  
CCA19 The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe42
Lewis, C. S.  CD  $27.50  
CCA42 Frog And Toad Audio Collection42
Lobel, Arnold.  CD  $17.95  
CCA43 The King Arthur Audio Collection42
Pyle, Howard,  CD  $25.95  
CCA82 In Aunt Giraffes Green Garden And The Red Frogs Wore Red Suspenders
  CD  $17.95  
CHD17 Elmo's World Pets (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.98  
CHD18 Elom's World Reach For The Sky (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.98  
CHD19 Friends To The Rescue Sesame Street42
  DVD  $12.98  
CHD20 Guess That Shape And Color Sesame Street42
  DVD  $12.98  
CHD21 Sesame Street 2006 Halloween 2 Pack Dvd42
  DVD  $16.98  
CHD29 Bugs Bugs Bugs Magis School Bus (dvd)42
  DVD  $9.99  
CHD31 Creepy Crawly Fun Magis School Bus (dvd)42
  DVD  $9.98  
CHD42 Team Up For Adventure (dvd)42
  DVD  $19.99  
CHD45 Samantha An American Girl On The Home Front (dvd)42
  DVD  $14.95  
CHD46 Elmos World What Makes You Happy (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.98  
CHD58 Forever Friends: Disney Princess (book & Dvd)
  Book & DVD  $17.99  
CHD59 Battling The Bad Guys: Marvel Heroes (book & Dvd)
  Book & DVD  $17.99  
CJY45 Everybody's Opera (cd)42
  CD  $17.98  
CT10396 There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat!
Colandro, Lucille  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10397 The Biggest Snowman Ever
Kroll, Steven  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10398 I Love You, Stinky Face
McCourt, Lisa  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10399 Alice The Fairy
Shannon, David  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10404 I Miss You, Stinky Face
McCourt, Lisa  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10405 The Rain Came Down
Shannon, David  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10406 Dear Bunny: A Bunny Love Story
Morgan, Michaele  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT272 Black Beauty42
Sewell, Anna,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT290 Christms Carol (book/cd)42
Dickens, Charles,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT295 Sheep In A Jeep (book/cd)42
Shaw, Nancy  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT301 Clifford The Big Red Dog42
Page, Josephine.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT303 Is Your Mama A Llama42
Guarino, Deborah.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT310 Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel (softcover & Cd)42
Burton, Virginia Lee,  CD  $9.95  
CT311 There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow Book/cd42
Colandro, Lucille.  CD  $9.95  
CT314 Chick Chicka Boom Boom (book/cd)42
Martin, Bill,  CD  $9.99  
CT317 Treasure Island (cd)42
  CD  $9.95  
CT323 Curious George Goes Camping (softcover Bk/cd)42
  Book & CD  $10.00  
CT326 Madeline (softcover Bk/cd)42
Bemelmans, Ludwig,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT331 Froggy Gets Dressed (softcover Bk/cd)42
London, Jonathan,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT352 Curious George Goes To The Hospital Book & Cd
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT359 What Do You Do With A Kangaroo
Mayer, Mercer,  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT360 Five Little Penguins Slipping On The Ice42
Metzger, Steve.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT361 Caboose Who Got Loose Book & Cd
Peet, Bill  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT367 Surprising Sharkes42
Davies, Nicola,  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT371 Giraffes Cant Dance
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CW1030 In The Belly Of The Bloodhound
Meyer, L.A.  CD  $29.95  
DMS05 Jams 5 (cd)42
  CD  $12.98  
DMS08 Jams 8 (cd/dvd)42
  CD & DVD  $18.98  
DMS22 Disney Channel Hits Take 1 (cd/dvd)42
  CD & DVD  $18.98  
DMS23 Disney Channel Hits Take 2 (cd/dvd)42
  CD & DVD  $18.98  
DMS29 Princess Ultimate Son Collection (cd)42
  CD  $12.98  
DMS32 Bambi Ii (cd)42
  CD  $12.98  
DMS43 Disney Girlz Rock (cd)42
  CD  $18.98  
DMS58 Fast Track (cd)42
  CD  $18.98  
DMS78 Disney Pixar Ratatouille What's Cooking ? (cd)42
  CD  $12.98  
DN185 Dinosaur Atlas
Malam, John.  Book & CD  $19.99  
ECB06 Junie B. Jones Cd Collection: Books 1 - 842
Park, Barbara.  CD  $30.00  
ECB14 Magic Tree House Cd Collection: Books 1 - 842
Osborne, Mary Pope.  CD  $30.00  
ECB35 Magic Tree House Cd Collection Books 17-2442
Osborne, Mary Pope.  CD  $30.00  
ECB77 Case Of The Most Ancient Bone Hank The Cowdog #50 Cd
Erickson, John  CD  $19.99  
ECB78 Many Troubles Of Andy Russell (2 Cds)
Adler, David  CD  $22.95  
ECB79 School Trouble For Andy Russell
Adler, David  CD  $22.95  
ECB84 The Quest For Teh Great White Quail
  Compact Disc  $19.99  
ECB85 Creep From The Deep
Jeff Woodman  Compact Disc  $9.95  
FR10216 Clifford's Birthday Party
Bridwell, Norman  Book & CD  $9.95  
FR10219 Arthur's Valentine
Brown, Marc  Book & CD  $10.99  
FR163 A Cow On The Line42
  Book & CD  $9.95  
FR164 The Cranky Day42
  Book & CD  $9.95  
FR178 Cinderella (book/cd)42
Bazaldua, Barbara.  Book & CD  $6.99  
FR197 Clifford Takes A Trip (softcover Bk/cd)42
Bridwell, Norman.  Book & CD  $9.95  
FR198 Clifford The Small Red Puppy (softcover Bk/cd)42
Bridwell, Norman.  Book & CD  $9.95  
FR211 Cliffords Pals
Bridwell, Norman  Book & CD  $9.95  
FR213 Arthur's Baby
Brown, Marc Tolon  Book & CD  $10.99  
GT129 Stone Soup42 Lexile
Brown, Marcia.  Book & CD  $18.95  
GT135 Julius The Baby Of The World42
Henkes, Kevin.  Book & CD  $18.95  
GT158 Case Of The Troublesome Turtle High Rise Private Eyes42
Rylant, Cynthia.  Book & CD  $18.95  
GT164 Henry And Mudge And The Snowman Plan42
Rylant, Cynthia.  Book & CD  $18.95  
GT204 Chato And The Party Animals42
Soto, Gary.  Book & CD  $18.95  
GT205 The Princess And The Pea42
Stevens, Janet.  Book & CD  $18.95  
GT223 Mole Music (book/cd)42
McPhail, David,  Book & CD  $18.95  
GT254 Uptown (softcover Bk W/cd)42
  Book & CD  $18.95  
GT255 Money Tree (softcover Bk W/cd)42
Stewart, Sarah,  Book & CD  $18.95  
GT286 Squashed In The Middle H/c Book & Cd
Winthrop, Elizabeth.  Book & CD  $28.95  
HCD08 Murder In The Middle Pasture42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD14 The Curse Of The Incredible Priceless Corncob42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD16 The Case Of The One Eyed Killer Stud Horse42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD18 The Case Of The Halloween Ghost42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD24 The Case Of The Fiddle Playing Fox42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD32 Lost In The Blinded Blizzard42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD42 The Case Of The Vampire Cat42
  CD  $19.99  
HCD46 Moonlight Madness42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD48 The Case Of The Black Hooded Hangmans42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD62 The Case Of The Vanishing Fishhook42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD70 The Case Of The Saddle House Robbery42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD76 The Fling42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD78 The Secret Laundry Monster Files42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD82 The Case Of The Shipwrecked Tree42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD84 The Case Of The Burrowing Robot42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HCD86 The Case Of The Twisted Kitty42
Erickson, John R.,  CD  $19.99  
HOL05 Nick Holiday (cd)42
  CD  $12.98  
HOL12 Cricket On The Hearth (dvd)42
  DVD  $9.98  
HOL29 Nick Jr. Winter Wonderland Cd
  CD  $13.98  
HT52 The Pumpkin Book42
Gibbons, Gail.  Book & CD  $18.95  
IA68 Little Bear's Friend42
Minarik, Else Holmelund.  Book & CD  $9.99  
IA73 Biscuit Finds A Friend (softcover Bk W/cd)42
Capucilli, Alyssa.  Book & CD  $9.99  
IA84 Mouse Soup Book & Cd
Lobel, Arnold.  Book & CD  $9.99  
KFM20 Kids Bop 9 (cd)42
  CD  $18.98  
KFM21 Kidz Bop 8 (cd)42
  CD  $18.98  
KFM22 Kidz Bop 7 (cd)42
  CD  $18.98  
KFM23 Kidz Bop 6 (cd)42
  CD  $18.98  
KFM24 Kidz Bop 5 (cd)42
  CD  $9.50  
KFM25 Kidz Bop 4 (cd)42
  CD  $9.50  
KFM26 Kidz Bop 3 (cd)42
  CD  $9.00  
KFM27 Kidz Bop 2 (cd)42
  CD  $9.00  
KFM28 Kidz Bop 1 (cd)42
  CD  $9.00  
KFM29 Kidz Bop Gold (cd)42
  CD  $13.98  
KFM30 Kidz Bop Halloween (cd)42
  CD  $13.98  
KFM53 Groove To The Music Backyardigans42
  CD  $13.98  
KFM54 More Kidz Bop Gold42
  CD  $13.98  
KFM55 Thomas Train Yard Tracks42
  CD  $11.98  
KFM60 Go Diego Go Live (cd)
  CD  $13.98  
KFM68 Kidz Bop Country (cd)
  CD  $13.98  
KFM79 Wonder Pets Cd
  CD  $13.99  
MOV117 Walle Soundtrack
  CD  $18.95  
MOV62 Ratatouille (movie Soundtrack)42
Giacchino, Michael.  CD  $18.99  
NDV01 Bird Eyewitness Video (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.99  
NDV03 Fish Eyewitness Video (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.99  
NDV04 Insect Eyewitness Video (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.99  
NDV05 Mammal Eyewitness Video (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.99  
NDV06 Ocean Eyewitness Video (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.99  
NDV07 Plant Eyewitness Video (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.99  
NDV11 Shark Eyewitness Video (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.99  
NDV12 Volcano And Earthquake Eyewitness Video (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.99  
NDV13 Weather Eyewitness Video (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.99  
NDV21 Mary Of Nazareth (dvd)42
  DVD  $24.95  
NDV22 Moses And The Ten Comandments (dvd)42
  DVD  $24.95  
PBA1098 Olivia Forms A Band Book & Cd
Falconer, Ian  Hardcover Book & CD  $19.99  
PBA60 Marsupial Sue Presents The **** Runaway Pancake42
Lithgow, John,  Hardcover  $17.95  
PBA65 Captain Abduls Little Treasure (book/cd)42 AR
McNaughton, Colin.  Book & CD  $14.99  
PBA73 Skippyjon Jones In Mummy Trouble (book/cd)42 AR
Schachner, Judith Byron.  Book & CD  $16.99  
PFA06 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets42
Rowling, J. K.  CD  $49.95  
PFA104 When Santa Fell To Earth (cd)42
Funke, Cornelia Caroline.  CD  $25.00  
PFA105 Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allen Poe (cd)42
Howe, James,  CD  $27.00  
PFA110 On Christmas Eve (cd)42
Martin, Ann M.,  CD  $22.00  
PFA121 Peter Pan In Scarlet (library Clam Shell Case)42
  CD  $29.95  
PFA185 The Maze Of Bones
  CD  $19.95  
PFA39 Because Of Winn Dixie42
DiCamillo, Kate.  CD  $19.99  
PFA60 First Boy42
Schmidt, Gary D.  CD  $30.00  
PFA61 The Game Of Sunken Places42
Anderson, M. T.  CD  $34.00  
PFA66 The Scarecrow And His Servant42
Pullman, Philip,  CD  $30.00  
PFA71 Sammy Keyes And The Curse Of Mustache Mary (cd)42
  CD  $42.95  
PFA73 Sammy Keyes And The Hotel Thief (cd)42
  CD  $34.95  
PFA77 Sammy Keyes And The Search For Snake Eyes (cd)42
  CD  $49.95  
PFA81 Sammy Keyes And The Art Of Deception (cd)42
Van Draanen, Wendelin.  CD  $49.95  
PFA83 Sammy Keyes And The Sisters Of Mercy (cd)42
  CD  $44.95  
PFA84 The Fall Of Fergal (cd)42
  CD  $25.00  
PFA86 The Rise Of The House Of Mcnally42
  CD  $25.00  
PFA89 Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane (cd)42
DiCamillo, Kate.  CD  $19.95  
PFA92 Ella Enchanted (cd)42
Levine, Gail Carson.  CD  $28.00  
PFA96 Sammy Keyes And The Dead Giveaway (cd)42
  CD  $49.95  
PFA98 Sammy Keyes And The Psycho Kitty Queen (cd)42
  CD  $49.95  
PH229 Biggest Test In The Universe (dvd)42
  DVD  $29.95  
PH239 Farm Life (dvd)42
  DVD  $14.99  
VID05 Harold And The Purple Crayon42
  DVD  $14.95  
VID15 Harry The Dirty Dog And More Terrific Tales42
  DVD  $14.95  
VID20 The Ira Dvd Collection42
Waber, Bernard.  DVD  $29.95  
VID21 The Sarah Stewart And David Small Collection42
Stewart, Sarah.  DVD  $44.95  
VID27 The Scrambled States Of America And More Stories To Celebrate Our Country42
  DVD  $14.95  
VID34 Bear Snores On And More Stories To Celebrate The Seasons (dvd)42
Wilson, Karma.  DVD  $14.95  
VID39 Harold And The Purple Crayon And More Harold Stories (dvd)42
  DVD  $14.95  
VID53 Arnie The Donut
  DVD  $14.98  
VID58 Snow
Uri Shulevitz  DVD  $29.95  

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