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Updated   4/23/2021

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Set Of 70 Ala Award Winners 2014
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ALA1401 Brewster
Slouka, Mark Hardcover $25.95
ALA1402 Death Of Bees
O'Donnell, Lisa Hardcover $25.99
ALA1403 Golden Boy
Tarttelin, Abigail Hardcover $24.99
ALA1404 Help For The Haunted
Searles, John Hardcover $26.99
ALA1405 Lexicon
Barry, Max Hardcover $26.95
ALA1406 Lives Of Tao
Chu, Wesley Softcover $7.99
ALA1408 Mother, Mother
Zailckas, Koren Hardcover $24
ALA1409 Relish
Knisley, Lucy Softcover $17.99
ALA1410 Sea Of Tranquility
Millay, Katja Softcover $15
ALA1411 The Universe Versus Alex Woods
Extence, Alex Hardcover $26
ALA1413 Doll Bones
Black, Holly Hardcover $16.99
ALA1415 Year Of Billy Miller
Henkes, Kevin Library Bound $17.89
ALA1416 One Came Home
Timberlake, Amy Hardcover $16.99
ALA1417 Paperboy
Vawter, Vince Hardcover $16.99
ALA1418 Locomotive
Floca, Brian Hardcover $17.99
ALA1419 Flora And The Flamingo
Idle, Molly Hardcover $16.99
ALA1420 P.S. Be Eleven
Williams-Garcia, Rita Library Bound $17.89
ALA1421 March, Book 1
Lewis, John Softcover $14.95
ALA1422 Darius & Twig
Myers, Walter Dean Library Bound $18.89
ALA1423 Words With Wings
Grimes, Nikki Hardcover $15.95
ALA1424 Knock Knock: My Dad's Dream For Me
Beaty, Daniel Hardcover $18
ALA1425 Nelson Mandela
Nelson, Kadir Hardcover $17.99
ALA1426 When The Beat Was Born
Hill, Laban Carrick Hardcover $17.99
ALA1427 Midwinterblood
Sedgwick, Marcus Hardcover $17.99
ALA1428 Kingdom Of Little Wounds
Cokal, Susann Hardcover $22.99
ALA1430 Maggot Moon
Gardner, Sally Hardcover $16.99
ALA1432 Navigating Early
Vanderpool, Clare Hardcover $16.99
ALA1434 Splash Of Red
Bryant, Jen Hardcover $17.99
ALA1435 Handbook For Dragon Slayers
Haskell, Merrie Hardcover $16.99
ALA1436 Rose Under Fire
Wein, Elizabeth Hardcover $17.99
ALA1438 Mister Orange
Matti, Truus Hardcover $16.99
ALA1439 Bathing Costume Or The Worth Vacation Of My Life
Moundlic, Charlotte Hardcover $15.95
ALA1440 My Father's Arms Are A Boat
Lunde, Stein Erik Hardcover $15.95
ALA1441 War Within These Walls
Sax, Aline Hardcover $17
ALA1442 Scowler
Kraus, Daniel CD $45
ALA1443 Matilda
Dahl, Roald CD $29.95
ALA1444 Nino Wrestles The World
Morales, Yuyi Hardcover $16.99
ALA1445 Maria Had A Little Llama
Dominguez, Angela Hardcover $16.99
ALA1446 Tito Puente: Mambo King
Brown, Monica Hardcover $17.99
ALA1448 Yaqui Delgado Wants To Kick Your Ass
Medina, Meg Hardcover $16.99
ALA1449 Lightning Dreamer
Engle, Margarita Hardcover $16.99
ALA1450 The Living
Pena, Matt de la Hardcover $17.99
ALA1451 Pancho Rabbit And The Coyote: A Migrant's Tale
Tonatiuh, Duncan Hardcover $16.99
ALA1452 Parrots Over Puerto Rico
Roth, Susan Hardcover $19.95
ALA1454 Look Up! Birdwatching In Your Own Backyard
Cate, Annette LeBlanc Hardcover $15.99
ALA1456 The Mad Potter: Geroge E. Ohr, Eccentric Genius
Greenberg, Jan Hardcover $17.99
ALA1457 Beautiful Music For Ugly Children
Cronn-Mills, Kirstiin Softcover $9.99
ALA1458 Fat Angie
Chartlton-Trujillo, E. Hardcover $16.99
ALA1460 Branded By The Pink Triange
Setterington, Ken Softcover $15.95
ALA1461 Two Boys Kissing
Levithan, David Hardcover $16.99
ALA1463 Watermelon Seed
Pizzoli, Greg Hardcover $16.99
ALA1464 Ball
Sullivan, Mary Hardcover $12.99
ALA1465 A Big Guy Took My Ball
Willems, Mo Hardcover $8.99
ALA1466 Penny And Her Marble
Henkes, Kevin Library Bound $14.99
ALA1467 Charm & Strange
Kuehn, Stephanie Hardcover $17.99
ALA1468 Sex & Violence
Mesrobian, Carrie Hardcover $17.95
ALA1469 Dr. Bird's Advice For Sad Poets
Roskos, Evan Hardcover $16.99
ALA1470 Belle Epoque
Ross, Elizabeth Hardcover $17.99
ALA1471 In The Shadow Of Blackbirds
Winters, Cat Hardcover $16.95
ALA1472 Nazi Hunters: How A Team Of Spies And Survivors Captured The World's Most Notorious Nazi
Bascomb, Neal Hardcover $16.99
ALA1473 Go: A Kidd's Guide To Graphic Design 
Kidd, Chip Hardcover $17.95
ALA1474 Imprisoned: The Betrayal Of Japanese Americans During World War Ii 
Sandler, Martin Library Bound $23.89
ALA1475 Courage Has No Color: The True Story Of The Triple Nickles: America's First Black Paratroopers
Stone, Tanya Lee Hardcover $24.99
ALA1477 The President Has Been Shot!: The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy
Swanson, James Hardcover $18.99
NYT09 Journey
Becker, Aaron Hardcover $15.99
NYT10 Mr. Wuffles
Wiesner, David Hardcover $17.99
NYT13 Better Nate Than Ever
Federle, Tim Hardcover $16.99
NYT15 Flora And Ulysses
DiCamillo, Kate Hardcover $17.99
NYT20 Eleanor And Park
Rowell, Rainbow Hardcover $18.99
NYT28 Eleanor And Park
Rowell, Rainbow CD $50