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Updated   4/16/2021

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Set Of 10 Grades 5-9 Graphic Novels Winter 08
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JR33 Stuck In The Middle AR
Paperback $18.99
JR51 The Arrival
Tan, Shaun. Hardcover $19.99
JR52 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid AR
Kinney, Jeff. Hardcover $13.95
JR53 Laika AR
Abadzis, Nick. Paperback $17.95
JR54 Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow AR; Lexile
Sturm, James, Hardcover $16.99
JR55 Tales From The Crypt: #1 - Ghouls Gone Wild
Hardcover $12.95
JR56 Tales From The Crypt: #2 - Can You Fear Me Now
Hardcover $12.95
JR57 Town Boy AR; Lexile
Lat. Paperback $16.95
JR61 Point Blank Alex Rider Graphic Novel AR
Johnston, Antony. Paperback $14.99
JR62 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules Lexile
Kinney, Jeff. Hardcover $13.95