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Updated   4/26/2019

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HOL01 A Classical Kids Christmas (cd)42
  CD  $13.98  
HOL02 Eloise At Christmastime (cd)42
  CD  $9.98  
HOL03 Happy Holidays Love Barney (cd)42
  CD  $7.98  
HOL04 It's A Hi Five Christmas (cd)42
  CD  $9.98  
HOL05 Nick Holiday (cd)42
  CD  $12.98  
HOL06 Nutcracker (cd)42
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich,  CD  $11.98  
HOL07 Christmas Around The World (cd)42
  CD  $15.98  
HOL08 Berry Merry Christams Strawberry Shortcake (cd)42
  CD  $5.98  
HOL09 Christmas Album The Tweenies (cd)42
  CD  $9.98  
HOL10 Wiggles Santa Rockin (cd)42
  CD  $9.98  
HOL11 Christmas Classics Sing A Long (dvd)42
  DVD  $9.98  
HOL12 Cricket On The Hearth (dvd)42
  DVD  $9.98  
HOL13 Frosty The Snowman/frosty Returns (dvd)42
  DVD  $16.98  
HOL14 Legend Of Frosty The Snow Man (dvd)42
  DVD  $16.98  
HOL15 Little Drummer Boy (dvd)42
  DVD  $16.98  
HOL16 Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol (dvd)42
  DVD  $16.98  
HOL17 Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer (dvd)42
  DVD  $16.98  
HOL18 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (dvd)42
  DVD  $16.98  
HOL19 Sesame Strreet A Christmas Carol (dvd)42
  DVD  $12.98  
HOL21 Mingus Mouse Plays Christmastime Jazz Book & Cd
  Book & CD  $8.99  
HOL23 Chanukah At Grover's Corner Cd
  CD  $11.98  
HOL24 A Charlie Brown Christmas Cd
  CD  $14.98  
HOL25 Christmas With The Chipmunks Cd
  CD  $12.99  
HOL26 The Coolest Kidz Bop Christmas Ever Cd
  CD  $18.98  
HOL27 Disney Princess Christmas Album Cd
  CD  $9.98  
HOL28 The Muppets A Green And Red Christmas Cd
  CD  $9.99  
HOL29 Nick Jr. Winter Wonderland Cd
  CD  $13.98  
HOL30 Thingamakid Christmas Toons Cd
  CD  $9.99  
HOL31 Veggietales The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree Cd
  CD  $9.98  
HOL32 How Many Minutes Until Christmas: Charlie & Lola: Vol.6 Dvd
  DVD  $14.98  
HOL33 A Christmas Story Dvd
  DVD  $19.98  
HOL34 Christmas Television Favorites 4 Dvds
  DVD  $35.99  
HOL35 Craziest Christmas Collection 3 Dvds
  DVD  $29.98  
HOL36 A Flintstones Christmas Carol Dvd
  DVD  $14.98  
HOL37 I'll Be Home For Christmas: Toot & Puddle Dvd
  DVD  $19.99  
HOL38 Wiggly Wiggly Christmas: The Wiggles Dvd
  DVD  $14.98  
HOL39 A Disney Channel Holiday
  CD  $18.99  
HOL40 Santa Songs And More
  CD  $12.99  
KFM04-HOL Wiggly Wiggly Christmas (cd)42
  CD  $9.98  
KFM06-HOL Yule Be Wigling (cd)42
  CD  $9.98  
KFM47-HOL Wiggles Tinsel Town Tunes (cd)42
  CD  $9.98  

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