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Updated   4/26/2019

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MOV31 Foodfight Junior Novelization Cancelled By Publisher
  Paperback  $4.99  
SR292-MOV Dare The Day Regent Bound-postponed By Publisher With No Date
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
AW411-MOV Charlotte's Web Read Aloud Edition42
White, E. B.  Hardcover  $15.99  
CCA16-MOV Charlotte's Web (read Aloud Edition)42
White, E. B.  CD  $27.00  
ICR62-MOV Wilbur Finds A Frnd Charlottes Web(level 2)rgt Bnd42
Frantz, Jennifer.  Regent Bound  $11.99  
ICR63-MOV Wilbur's Prize Charlotte's Web (i Can Read Level 2)42
Frantz, Jennifer.  Regent Bound  $11.99  
ICR72-MOV A Family For Lewis42
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
ICR73-MOV Journey To The Future42
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
ICR76-MOV Spidermans Versus Sandman Regent Bound42
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
ICR77-MOV Meet The Heroes And Villiains Regent Bound42
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
JGN129-MOV Meet The Robinsons (graphic Novels)42
  Paperback  $7.99  
LAF19-MOV Happy Feet Regent Bound42
  Regent Bound  $13.99  
MOV01 Stormbreaker (cd)42
  CD  $15.18  
MOV02 Bridge To Terabithia (movie Edition)42
Paterson, Katherine.  Paperback  $5.99  
MOV03 Bridge To Terabithia (cd)42
Paterson, Katherine.  CD  $25.95  
MOV04 Charlotte's Web (movie Edition)42
White, E. B.  Paperback  $7.99  
MOV05 New In The Barn (8x8 Read Alound)42
Hapka, Cathy.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV06 Perefct Word (8x8 Read Aloud)42
Hapka, Cathy.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV07 Everyone's Hero (movie Storybook)42
West, Tracey,  Paperback  $5.99  
MOV08 Everyone's Hero (cd Movie Soundtrack)42
  CD  $13.98  
MOV09 Keep On Swinging Eveyone's Hero (level 2 Readers)42
West, Tracey,  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV10 Screwie's Adventure Eveyone's Hero (8x8 Read Along)42
West, Tracey,  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV11 Flicka (movie Novel)42
Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV117 Walle Soundtrack
  CD  $18.95  
MOV12 Flicka (cd Unabridged)42
O'Hara, Mary.  CD  $34.95  
MOV14 Untamed Spirit Flicka (chapter Book)42
Katschke, Judy.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV15 Rocky The Ultimate Guide42
Gross, Edward.  Hardcover  $24.99  
MOV16 Happy Feet (cd Movie Soundtrack)42
  CD  $19.98  
MOV17 Night At The Museum42
Goldman, Leslie.  Regent Bound  $5.75  
MOV19 Arthur And The Minimoys42 AR
Besson, Luc.  Library Bound  $16.89  
MOV20 Arthur And The Minimoys Omnibus42 AR
Besson, Luc.  Paperback  $7.99  
MOV21 Tale Of Peter Rabbit42
Potter, Beatrix,  Hardcover  $6.99  
MOV22 Tale Of Benjamin Bunny42
Potter, Beatrix,  Hardcover  $6.99  
MOV23 Tale Of The Flopsy Bunnies42
Potter, Beatrix,  Hardcover  $6.99  
MOV24 Tale Of Mr. Tod42
Potter, Beatrix,  Hardcover  $6.99  
MOV25 Tale Of Jemima Puddle Duck42
Potter, Beatrix,  Hardcover  $6.99  
MOV26 Tale Of Ginger And Pickles42
Potter, Beatrix,  Hardcover  $6.99  
MOV27 Beatrix Potter Favorite Tales42
Potter, Beatrix,  Book & CD  $9.99  
MOV28 Bridge To Terabithia42 AR
Paterson, Katherine.  Hardcover  $15.99  
MOV29 Tmnt (movie Novelization)42
Murphy, Steve.  Paperback  $5.99  
MOV30 Legend Of Yaotl42 AR
Murphy, Steve.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV32 Search For Sunshine42
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MOV33 Meet The Robinsons (junior Novel)42
Trimble, Irene.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV34 Keep Moving Forward42
Emmons, Katherine.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV35 Me Myself And The Bowler Hat Guy42
Auerbach, Annie.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV36 Spiderman42
Dougall, Alastair.  Hardcover  $19.99  
MOV37 Spiderman 3 (junior Novel)42
Jones, Jasmine.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV38 Spiderman New Suit42
Raymond, N. T.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MOV40 Spiderman 3 (cd)42
  CD  $18.99  
MOV41 Fiona's Fairy Tale Five Shrek The Third42
Auerbach, Annie.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV42 Royally Wrong Shrek The Third42
Auerbach, Annie.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV43 Friends And Foes Shrek The Third42 AR
Hapka, Cathy.  Regent Bound  $6.00  
MOV44 A Good King Is Hard To Find Shrek The Third42
Hapka, Cathy.  Regent Bound  $6.00  
MOV45 Shrek The Third (movie Soundtrack Cd)42
  CD  $13.99  
MOV46 High School Musical 2 (junir Novel)42
Grace, N. B.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV47 Pirates Of The Carribean 3 (movie Story Bk)42
Sutherland, T. T.  Hardcover  $8.99  
MOV48 City Of Gold Vol. 7 Jack Sparrow42
Kidd, Rob.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV49 Timekeeper Vol. 8 Jack Sparrow42 AR
Kidd, Rob.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV50 Complete Visual Guide Pirates Of The Craribean42
Platt, Richard.  Hardcover  $19.99  
MOV51 At World's End Pirates Of The Carribean(movie Soiuntrack)5/742
Zimmer, Hans.  CD  $18.98  
MOV52 Legend Of Big Z Suf's Up Regent Bound42
Chesterfield, Sadie.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MOV53 Winning Wave Surf's Up Regent Bound42
Raymond, N. t.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MOV54 Life And Time Of Coby Maverick Surf's Up(junior Novel)42
Korman, Susan.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV55 Movie Star Mystery Nancy Drew42
Kilpatrick, Irene.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV57 Murder In The Hollywood Hills Nancy Drew (movie Novelization)42
Burr, Daniela.  Paperback  $5.99  
MOV58 Ratatouille (ready Aloud Storybook42
Emmons, Katherine.  Regent Bound  $14.99  
MOV59 Too Many Cooks Ratatouille (picturebook)42
McNamara, Margaret.  Hardcover  $15.99  
MOV60 Recipe For Disaster Ratatouille (disney Chapterbook)42
Driscoll, Laura.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MOV61 Ratatouille (junior Novelization)42
Richards, Kitty.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV62 Ratatouille (movie Soundtrack)42
Giacchino, Michael.  CD  $18.99  
MOV64 Sam's New Car Transformers42
Stein, Erin K.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV65 Transformers (junior Movie Novel)42
Wilkens, S. G.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV66 Hairspray The Novel
West, Tracey,  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV67 Hairspray Movie Soundtrack
  CD  $16.99  
MOV68 High School Musical 2 Movie Soundtrack
  CD  $18.99  
MOV69 Bee Meets Girls (8x8
Driggs, Scout.  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV70 Barry's Day Out (8x8 Read Aloud)
Driggs, Scout.  Regent Bound  $6.00  
MOV72 Bee Movie: The Honey Disaster
Frantz, Jennifer.  Regent Bound  $11.99  
MOV73 What's The Buzz ? (chapter Book)
Katschke, Judy.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV74 Bee Movie The Junior Novel
Korman, Susan.  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV75 Bee Movie The Movie Storybook
Korman, Susan.  Hardcover  $8.99  
MOV76 Bee Movie A Guide To The Sweet Life
Bynghall, Steve.  Hardcover  $12.99  
MOV77 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (8x8 Read Aloud)
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MOV78 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (movie Reader)
  Paperback  $3.99  
MOV79 Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (movie Prequel Novel)
  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV80 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (the Movie Novelization)
  Paperback  $4.99  
MOV81 Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (movie Storybook)
  Hardcover  $8.99  
MOV82 Before The Fall
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MOV84 A Dream Come True
  Paperback  $3.99  
MOV85 True Love's Kiss
  Paperback  $3.99  
MOV91 Jared's Anti-goblin Guide (8x8 Read Aloud)
  Regent Bound  $5.50  
MOV92 Mallory On Guard (ready To Read Level 3)
  Regent Bound  $11.99  
MOV93 Thimbletack's Chronicles (ready To Read Level 3)
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
MOV94 Spiderwick Chronicles Movie Storybook
West, Tracey,  Hardcover  $8.99  
OS01-MOV Meet The Characters Open Season42
Stephens, Monique Z.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
OS02-MOV Incredible Mr. E Open Season42
Stephens, Monique Z.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
OS03-MOV Best Buddies Open Season42
Simon-Kerr, Julia.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
OS04-MOV Home Is Where The Heart Is42
Frantz, Jennifer.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
OS05-MOV Open Season Movie Story Season42
Egan, Kate.  Hardcover  $8.99  
PQ37-MOV Happy Feet: The Movie Storybook42
Bryant, Megan E.  Regent Bound  $13.49  
PQ38-MOV Friends Forever Happy Feet42
Ciminera, Siobhan.  Regent Bound  $10.99  
RTR71-MOV Leonardo Returns42
  Regent Bound  $10.99  
SPY26-MOV Stormbreaker42
Horowitz, Anthony,  Hardcover  $17.99  

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