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Updated   4/26/2019

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AUP170 Impossible Knife Of Memory
Anderson, Laurie Halse  CD  $29.99  
BOT228 Last Apprentice Cd
  CD  $25.95  
AUP10163 What I Saw And How I Lied
Blundell, Judy  CD  $29.95  
AUP10164 City Of Glass
Clare, Cassandra  CD  $39.99  
AUP121 Blaze
Bachman Richard  CD  $39.95  
AUP122 Blue Skies And No Fences
Cheney, Lynne V.  CD  $29.95  
AUP123 Eclipse
Meyer Stephanie  CD  $57.00  
AUP124 Grimpow
Abalos Rafael  CD  $37.00  
AUP126 Leading Ladies
Hutchison Kay Bailey  CD  $29.95  
AUP127 Sandworms Of Dune
Herbert Brian; Anderson Kevin  CD  $59.95  
AUP128 Memoirs Of A Teenage Amnesiac
Zevin Gabrielle  CD  $34.00  
AUP129 My Grandfathers Son
Thomas Clarence  CD  $39.95  
AUP130 The Sweet Far Thing
Bray Libba  CD  $50.00  
AUP131 Thirteen Reasons Why
Asher Jay  CD  $35.00  
AUP132 The War, An Intimate History
Burns, Ken & Ward Geoffrey  CD  $34.95  
AUP133 A War Of Gifts
Card Orson Scott  CD  $24.95  
AUP134 William Shakespeare: The World As A Stage
Bryson Bill  CD  $22.95  
AUP135 Ana's Story
BUSH, JENNA  CD  $21.95  
AUP136 Andromeda Klein ***delayed Until Aug. 2009
PORTMAN, FRANK  CD  $48.00  
AUP137 Before I Die
DOWNHAM, JENNY  CD  $34.00  
AUP138 Here, There Be Dragons
OWEN, JAMES  CD  $29.95  
AUP139 How Starbucks Saved My Life
Gill, Michael  CD  $29.95  
AUP140 The Opposite Of Invisible
GALLAGHER, LIZ  CD  $30.00  
AUP141 Seeing Redd
Beddor, Frank.  CD  $34.95  
AUP149 The Door Of No Return
  CD  $45.00  
AUP150 Hate The Cat
  CD  $14.95  
AUP151 Nick Of Time (12 Cds)
Bell, Ted  CD  $29.95  
AUP152 Breaking Dawn
  CD  $60.00  
AUP153 Dolores Claiborne Stephen King
  CD  $36.95  
AUP154 Geralds Game Stephen King
  CD  $36.95  
AUP155 Insomnia Stephen King
  CD  $59.95  
AUP156 Needful Things Stephen King
  CD  $59.95  
AUP157 One Past Midnight The Langoliers Stephen King
  CD  $36.95  
AUP158 Two Past Midnght Secret Window Secret Garden Stephen King
  CD  $29.95  
AUP159 Three Past Midnight The Library Policeman Stephen King
  CD  $36.95  
AUP160 Four Past Midnight The Sun Dog Stephen King
  CD  $29.95  
AUP161 Brisinger
  CD  $60.00  
BOT01 The Bad Beginning42
Snicket, Lemony.  Cassette Tape  $14.99  
BOT02 The Reptile Room42
Snicket, Lemony.  Cassette Tape  $14.99  
BOT03 The Miserable Mill42
Snicket, Lemony.  Cassette Tape  $20.00  
BOT04 The Wide Window42
Snicket, Lemony.  Cassette Tape  $20.00  
BOT05 The Austere Academy42
Snicket, Lemony.  Cassette Tape  $20.00  
BOT06 The Ersatz Elevator42
Snicket, Lemony.  Cassette Tape  $20.00  
BOT09 The Carnivorous Carnival42
Snicket, Lemony.  Cassette Tape  $20.00  
BOT10305 The Islands Of The Blessed
Farmer, Nancy  CD  $39.99  
BOT10306 Ever
Levine, Gail Carson  CD  $25.95  
BOT10307 Chasing Lincoln's Killer: The Search Forjohn Wilkes Booth
Swanson, James L.  CD  $24.95  
BOT10308 Arch Enemy
Beddor, Frank  CD  $34.95  
BOT10309 Catching Fire
Collins, Suzanne  CD  $39.95  
BOT10310 Ender's Game
Card, Orson Scott  CD  $39.95  
BOT10311 A Fine White Dust
Rylant, Cynthia  CD  $14.99  
BOT116 The Bad Beginning42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $14.99  
BOT117 The Reptile Room42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $14.99  
BOT122 Artemis Fowl42
Colfer, Eoin.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
BOT123 Artemis Fowl42
Colfer, Eoin.  CD  $28.00  
BOT124 Artemis Fowl: Arctic Incident42
Colfer, Eoin.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
BOT125 Artemis Fowl: Arctic Incident42
Colfer, Eoin.  CD  $28.00  
BOT126 Artemis Fowl: Eternity Code42
Colfer, Eoin.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
BOT127 Artemis Fowl: Eternity Code42
Colfer, Eoin.  CD  $30.00  
BOT128 The Grim Grotto42
Snicket, Lemony.  Cassette Tape  $20.00  
BOT129 The Grim Grotto42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT131 Becoming Naomi Leon42
Ryan, Pam Munoz.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
BOT135 Dragon Rider42
Funke, Cornelia Caroline.  Cassette Tape  $33.00  
BOT137 The Great Tree Of Avalon Child Of The Dark Prophecy42
Barron, T. A.  Cassette Tape  $35.00  
BOT138 Here Today42
Martin, Ann M.,  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
BOT154 Artemis Fowl: Opal Deception42
Colfer, Eoin.  Cassette Tape  $28.00  
BOT155 Artemis Fowl: Opal Deception42
Colfer, Eoin.  CD  $34.00  
BOT156 Bollywood Babes42
Dhami, Narinder.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
BOT157 Charlie Bone And The Invisible Boy42
Nimmo, Jenny.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
BOT158 Chasing Vermeer42
Balliett, Blue,  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
BOT159 Chasing Vermeer42
Balliett, Blue,  CD  $28.00  
BOT162 The High King The Prydain Chronicles42
Alexander, Lloyd.  Cassette Tape  $28.00  
BOT163 Princess In Training: Princess Diaries Vol Vi42
Cabot, Meg.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
BOT164 Princess In Training: Princess Diaries Vol Vi42
Cabot, Meg.  CD  $34.00  
BOT166 Project Mulberry42
Park, Linda Sue.  CD  $28.00  
BOT167 A Series Of Unfortunate Events #12: The Penultimate Peril 4 Cassettes (6 Hours)42
  Cassette Tape  $20.00  
BOT168 A Series Of Unfortunate Events #12: The Penultimate Peril 6cds (6 Hours)42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT170 Captain Hook The Adventure Of Notorious Youth 5cds (6 Hours)42
Hart, James V.  CD  $25.95  
BOT172 Chicken Boy 6 Cds (6 Hours)42
Dowell, Frances O'Roark.  CD  $30.00  
BOT173 Dragon Rider 10 Cds (11.5 Hours)42
Funke, Cornelia Caroline.  CD  $39.99  
BOT174 Eldest Inheritance, Book 2 12 Casettes (20 Hours)42
Paolini, Christopher.  Cassette Tape  $45.00  
BOT175 Eldest Inheritance, Book 2 17 Cds (20 Hours)42
Paolini, Christopher.  CD  $55.00  
BOT176 Eragon 14 Cds (16.5 Hours)42
Paolini, Christopher.  CD  $39.95  
BOT177 Flush 4 Cassettes (6.5 Hours)42
Hiaasen, Carl.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
BOT178 Flush 6 Cds (6.5 Hours)42
Hiaasen, Carl.  CD  $30.00  
BOT179 Inkspell 12 Cassettes (20 Hours)42
Funke, Cornelia Caroline.  Cassette Tape  $45.00  
BOT18 Everything On A Waffle42
Horvath, Polly.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
BOT180 Inkspell 17 Cds (20 Hours)42
Funke, Cornelia Caroline.  CD  $60.00  
BOT181 Kira-kira 4 Cds (4.5 Hours)42
Kadohata, Cynthia.  CD  $28.00  
BOT182 The Liberation Of Gabriel King 6 Cds (6 Hours)42
Going, K. L.  CD  $27.00  
BOT183 Lizzy Bright And The Buckminster Boy 6 Cds (6.5 Hours)42
Schmidt, Gary D.  CD  $34.00  
BOT184 Lunch Money 5 Cds (5 Hours)42
Clements, Andrew,  CD  $30.00  
BOT185 The Minister's Daughter 6 Cds (6 Hours)42
Hearn, Julie,  CD  $37.00  
BOT186 Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure 5 Cds (6 Hours)42
Byng, Georgia.  CD  $27.95  
BOT187 Replay 2 Cds (2 Hours)42
Creech, Sharon.  CD  $17.95  
BOT188 A Single Shard 3 Cds (3.25 Hours)42
Park, Linda Sue.  CD  $14.99  
BOT189 The Vacation 3 Cds (3 Hours)42
  CD  $30.00  
BOT190 Willow Run 6 Cds (6.5 Hours)42
Giff, Patricia Reilly.  CD  $27.00  
BOT192 Hatchet 3 Cds (3.75 Hours)42
Paulsen, Gary.  CD  $14.99  
BOT193 Holes 4 Cds (4.75 Hours)42
Sachar, Louis,  CD  $28.00  
BOT194 Island Of The Blue Dolphins 4 Cds (4 Hours)42
O'Dell, Scott,  CD  $19.95  
BOT195 Maniac Magee 4 Cds (4.25 Hours)42
Spinelli, Jerry.  CD  $19.95  
BOT196 Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry 7 Cds (7.5 Hours)42
Taylor, Mildred D.  CD  $34.00  
BOT197 Shiloh 3 Cds (2.75 Hours)42
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.  CD  $14.99  
BOT199 The Watsons Go To Birmingham 4 Cds (5 Hours)42
Curtis, Christopher Paul.  CD  $19.95  
BOT202 Charlie Bone And The Castle Of Mirrors42
Nimmo, Jenny.  CD  $34.00  
BOT204 Dark Flight Down42
Sedgwick, Marcus.  CD  $30.00  
BOT205 Heat42
Lupica, Mike.  CD  $30.00  
BOT206 Here Lies The Librarian42
Peck, Richard,  CD  $30.00  
BOT207 Beyond The Deepwoods42
Stewart, Paul,  CD  $30.00  
BOT208 Stormchaser42
Stewart, Paul,  CD  $37.00  
BOT209 Midnight Over Sanctaphrax (cd)42
  CD  $30.00  
BOT210 Behind The Curtain42
Abrahams, Peter,  CD  $27.95  
BOT211 Party Princess42
Cabot, Meg.  CD  $34.00  
BOT212 Ptolemys Gate42
  CD  $57.00  
BOT213 Silverfin42
Higson, Charles,  CD  $37.00  
BOT214 Water Mirror42
  CD  $35.00  
BOT215 Weedflower42
Kadohata, Cynthia.  CD  $30.00  
BOT216 Wright Three42
Balliett, Blue,  CD  $28.00  
BOT217 Small Steps42
Sachar, Louis,  CD  $30.00  
BOT218 End42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT220 Lost Colony42
Colfer, Eoin.  CD  $34.00  
BOT221 Boy In The Striped Pajamas42
Boyne, John,  CD  $28.00  
BOT222 Dog For Life42
  CD  $27.00  
BOT223 Endymion Spring42
  CD  $40.00  
BOT224 Gideon The Cupturse42
  CD  $39.95  
BOT225 Gossamer42
Lowry, Lois.  CD  $27.00  
BOT226 Hitler Youth42
  CD  $27.00  
BOT227 How To Be Popular42
Cabot, Meg.  CD  $34.00  
BOT229 Last Siege42
  CD  $39.00  
BOT230 Loud Silence Of Francine Green42
  CD  $35.00  
BOT232 Miracle On 49th Street42
  CD  $34.00  
BOT233 Vanishing Act42
Feinstein, John.  CD  $30.00  
BOT234 Whittington42
  CD  $30.00  
BOT235 Holes42
Sachar, Louis,  CD  $19.95  
BOT236 Navigator (cd)42
  CD  $30.00  
BOT237 Stone Light Dark Reflection Book 2 (cd)42
  CD  $55.00  
BOT238 Teacher's Funeral (cd)42
  CD  $25.00  
BOT239 Cracker Best Dog In Vietnam42
Kadohata, Cynthia.  CD  $35.00  
BOT240 Crane Five Ancestors #442
  CD  $30.00  
BOT241 Looking Glass Wars42
  CD  $34.95  
BOT242 Mysterious Benedict Society42
  CD  $45.00  
BOT243 On The Wings Of Heroes42
Peck, Richard,  CD  $30.00  
BOT244 Twelve42
  CD  $24.95  
BOT245 Alchemyst (library Clam Shell Case)42
Scott, Michael Dylan.  CD  $30.00  
BOT246 Benny And The Babe (library Clam Shell Case)42
  CD  $29.95  
BOT247 Benny And Omar )sturdy Hanging Storage Bag)42
  CD  $24.95  
BOT248 Pants On Fire (library Clam Shell Case)42
Cabot, Meg.  CD  $30.00  
BOT249 Princess On The Brink (library Clam Shell Case)42
Cabot, Meg.  CD  $34.00  
BOT250 Dragonsdale (library Clam Shell Case)42
  CD  $35.00  
BOT251 Emma Jean Lazarus Fell (sturdy Hanging Storage Bag)42
  CD  $22.00  
BOT252 Evil Genius (library Clam Shell Case)42
  CD  $50.00  
BOT253 Firegirl (sturdy Hanging Storage Bag)42
Abbott, Tony.  CD  $27.00  
BOT254 Marvelous Effect (library Clam Shell Case)42
  CD  $34.00  
BOT255 Bloodfever (library Clam Shell Case)42
Higson, Charles,  CD  $28.00  
BOT256 Stoneheart (sturdy Hanging Storage Bag)42
  CD  $39.95  
BOT257 Under The Baseball Moon (library Clam Shell Case)42
  CD  $39.00  
BOT258 Wednesday Wars (library Clam Shell Case)42
Schmidt, Gary D.  CD  $29.95  
BOT259 The Garden Of Eve
K. L. Going  CD  $35.00  
BOT260 If A Tree Falls At Lunch Period
Choldenko Gennifer  CD  $25.00  
BOT261 Interworld
Gaiman Neil  CD  $25.95  
BOT262 The Land Of The Silver Apples
Farmer Nancy  CD  $39.95  
BOT263 The Last Apprentice: Night Of The Soul Stealer
Delancy Joseph  CD  $25.95  
BOT264 Love, Stargirl
Spinelli Jerry  CD  $28.00  
BOT265 M Is For Magic
Gaiman Neil  CD  $25.95  
BOT266 The Mysterious Edge Of The Heroic World
E. L. Konigsburg  CD  $24.99  
BOT267 The Rules Of Survival
Werlin Nancy  CD  $28.00  
BOT268 The Seems: The Glitch In Sleep
Hulme John; Wexler Michael  CD  $29.95  
BOT269 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (audiobooks)
Rowling, J. K.  CD  $79.95  
BOT270 The Very Ordered Existence Of Merilee Marvelous
Crowley Suzanne  CD  $25.95  
BOT271 Tuck Everlasting And Other Stories
Babbitt Natalie  CD  $29.95  
BOT272 Airman
Colfer, Eoin.  CD  $37.00  
BOT273 Cover-up
BOT274 Princess In The Spotlight
CABOT, MEG  CD  $26.00  
BOT275 Princess In Waiting
CABOT, MEG  CD  $26.00  
BOT276 Revolution Is Not A Dinner Party
BOT277 Runemarks
HARRIS, JOANNE  CD  $44.00  
BOT278 The Sky Inside ***cancelled By Publisher
DUNKLE, CLARE  CD  $30.00  
BOT279 Slam
HORNBY, NICK  CD  $29.95  
BOT280 Something Rotten
GRATZ, ALAN  CD  $39.00  
BOT281 The Time Thief
Buckley Archer, Linda.  CD  $39.95  
BOT301 Enders Game
  CD  $39.95  
BOT302 The Hunger Games
  CD  $39.95  
BOT303 Masterpiece
  CD  $29.95  
BOT304 Nation
  CD  $25.95  
BOT32 A Single Shard42
Park, Linda Sue.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
BOT46 The Watsons Go To Birmingham-196342
Curtis, Christopher Paul.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
BOT55 Hatchet42
Paulsen, Gary.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
BOT57 Island Of The Blue Dolphins42
O'Dell, Scott,  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
BOT60 Maniac Magee42
Spinelli, Jerry.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
BOT63 Out Of The Dust (cass)
Hesse, Karen.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
BOT64 Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry42
Taylor, Mildred D.  Cassette Tape  $30.00  
BOT65 Shiloh42
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
BOT69 Tuck Everlasting42
Babbitt, Natalie.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
BOT84 The Wide Window42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT85 The Miserable Mill42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT86 The Austere Academy42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT87 The Ersatz Elevator42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT90 The Vile Village42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT91 The Hostile Hospital42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT92 The Carnivorous Carnival42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT93 The Slippery Slope42
Snicket, Lemony.  Cassette Tape  $20.00  
BOT94 The Slippery Slope42
Snicket, Lemony.  CD  $25.95  
BOT95 Eragon42
Paolini, Christopher.  Cassette Tape  $39.95  
FV137 Grimpow The Invisible Road AR
Abalos, Rafael,  Hardcover  $17.99  
FV138 Wyvernhail The Kiesha'ra Vol 5 AR; Lexile
Atwater Rhodes, Amelia.  Hardcover  $14.99  
FV139 Seeing Redd AR; Lexile
Beddor, Frank.  Hardcover  $17.99  
FV140 The Last Knight AR; Lexile
Bell, Hilari.  Hardcover  $16.99  
FV141 The Sweet Far Thing AR; Lexile
Bray, Libba.  Hardcover  $17.99  
FV143 Dragon's Keep
Carey, Janet Lee.  Hardcover  $17.00  
FV144 Book Of A Thousand Days AR; Lexile
Hale, Shannon.  Hardcover  $17.95  
FV145 Fell AR; Lexile
Clement Davies, David,  Hardcover  $19.95  
FV146 Angel Isle AR; Lexile
Dickinson, Peter,  Hardcover  $17.99  
FV147 Skin Hunger AR; Lexile
Duey, Kathleen.  Hardcover  $17.99  
FV148 Confessor
Goodkind, Terry.  Hardcover  $29.95  
FV149 The Thief Queen's Daughter
Haydon, Elizabeth.  Hardcover  $17.95  
FV152 Powers AR; Lexile
Le Guin, Ursula K.,  Hardcover  $17.00  
FV153 Dragonhaven AR; Lexile
McKinley, Robin.  Hardcover  $17.99  
FV154 The Glass Word Lexile
Meyer, Kai.  Hardcover  $16.99  
FV155 The Search For The Red Dragon AR
Owen, James A.  Hardcover  $17.99  
FV156 The Orc King
Salvatore, R. A.,  Hardcover  $27.95  
FV157 Betwixt AR
Smith, Tara Bray.  Hardcover  $17.99  
FV158 Extras AR; Lexile
Westerfeld, Scott.  Hardcover  $16.99  
FV160 The Mortal Instruments, Book 2: City Of Ashes. AR
Clare, Cassandra.  Hardcover  $17.99  
FV161 Sorcerer King Faerie Path #3 AR; Lexile
Jones, Frewin.  Hardcover  $16.99  
FV162 Ink Exchange. AR
Marr, Melissa.  Hardcover  $16.99  
JS309 The Golden Dream Of Carlo Chuchio AR; Lexile
Alexander, Lloyd.  Hardcover  $17.95  
JS310 Peter And The Secret Of Rundoon AR; Lexile
Barry, Dave.  Hardcover  $18.99  
JS311 The Time Thief The Gideon Trilogy Book 2 AR; Lexile
Buckley Archer, Linda.  Hardcover  $17.99  
JS312 The Land Of The Silver Apples AR; Lexile
Farmer, Nancy,  Hardcover  $18.99  
JS313 Firestars Quest Warriors Super Edition AR; Lexile
Hunter, Erin.  Hardcover  $17.99  
JS314 The Shadow World Eidolon Chronicles AR; Lexile
Johnson, Jane,  Hardcover  $15.99  
JS315 What The Dickens The Story Of A Rogue Tooth Fairy AR; Lexile
Maguire, Gregory.  Hardcover  $15.99  
JS316 Maddigan's Fantasia AR; Lexile
Mahy, Margaret.  Hardcover  $17.99  
JS317 Wave Traveller AR; Lexile
Morrison, P. R.  Hardcover  $16.95  
JS318 Darkwing AR; Lexile
Oppel, Kenneth,  Hardcover  $16.99  
JS319 Beowulf A Tale Of Blood, Heat And Ashes Lexile
Raven, Nicky.  Hardcover  $18.99  
JS320 The Pig Who Saved The World AR; Lexile
Shipton, Paul,  Hardcover  $15.99  
JS321 Muddle Earth AR
Stewart, Paul,  Hardcover  $16.99  
JS328 Runemarks AR; Lexile
Harris, Joanne,  Hardcover  $18.99  
JS329 A Curse Dark As Gold AR; Lexile
Bunce, Elizabeth C.  Hardcover  $17.99  
JS330 Dingo
De Lint, Charles,  Hardcover  $11.99  
JS331 Rangers Apprentice #4 The Battle For Skandia AR; Lexile
Flanagan, John  Hardcover  $16.99  
JS332 Warriors Power Of Three #2 Dark River AR; Lexile
Hunter, Erin.  Hardcover  $16.99  
JS333 The Day Of The Djinn Warriors Children Of Lamp #4 AR; Lexile
Kerr, Philip.  Hardcover  $17.99  
JS334 Cybele's Secret
Marillier, Juliet.  Hardcover  $17.99  
JS335 Swan Kingdom AR
Marriott, Zoče,  Hardcover  $16.99  
JS336 Guinevere's Gift AR
McKenzie, Nancy.  Hardcover  $15.99  
JS337 The Key To Rondo AR
Rodda, Emily.  Hardcover  $16.99  
JS338 Saving Juliet AR
Selfors, Suzanne.  Hardcover  $16.95  

250 record(s) found.