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Updated   4/26/2019

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ABK72 Teen Idol42
Cabot, Meg.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
AUB100 Princess In Pink: The Princess Diaries Vol 542
Cabot, Meg.  CD  $37.00  
AUB101 Teen Idol42
Cabot, Meg.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
AUB102 Teen Idol42
Cabot, Meg.  CD  $30.00  
AUB105 The Chocolate War42
Cormier, Robert.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
AUB106 The Outsiders42
Hinton, S. E.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB112 Dragon Rider42
Funke, Cornelia Caroline.  Cassette Tape  $28.00  
AUB113 The Great Tree Of Avalon Child Of The Dark Prophecy42
Barron, T. A.  Cassette Tape  $35.00  
AUB115 Here Today42
Martin, Ann M.,  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
AUB116 Indigo's Star42
McKay, Hilary.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB117 The Last Holiday Concert42
Clements, Andrew,  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB118 No Time Like Show Time42
Hoeye, Michael.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
AUB119 So B It42
Weeks, Sarah.  CD  $25.95  
AUB120 The Teacher's Funeral42
Peck, Richard,  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB121 Millions42
Cottrell Boyce, Frank.  CD  $25.95  
AUB175 Golem's Eye The Bartimaeus Trilogy #242
Stroud, Jonathan.  Cassette Tape  $39.95  
AUB176 The High King The Prydain Chronicles42
Alexander, Lloyd.  Cassette Tape  $28.00  
AUB177 Olive's Ocean42
Henkes, Kevin.  CD  $22.00  
AUB178 Princess In Training: Princess Diaries Vol Vi42
Cabot, Meg.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
AUB179 Princess In Training: Princess Diaries Vol Vi42
Cabot, Meg.  CD  $34.00  
AUB181 Project Mulberry42
Park, Linda Sue.  CD  $28.00  
AUB182 Magyk: Septimus Heap Book 1 Cd42
Sage, Angie.  CD  $27.95  
AUB184 Lizzie Bright And The Buckminster Boy42
Schmidt, Gary D.  CD  $34.00  
AUB185 Molly Moon Stops The World42
Byng, Georgia.  CD  $34.95  
AUB20 Coraline42
Gaiman, Neil.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB23 A House Called Awful End42
Ardagh, Philip.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB24 Dreadful Acts42
Ardagh, Philip.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB25 Terrible Times42
Ardagh, Philip.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB27 Esperanza Rising42
Ryan, Pam Munoz.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB28 Everything On A Waffle42
Horvath, Polly.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB31 Granny Torrelli Makes Soup42
Creech, Sharon.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB34 Inkheart42
Funke, Cornelia Caroline.  Cassette Tape  $39.95  
AUB38 A Long Way From Chicago42
Peck, Richard,  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB39 Maggie's Door42
Giff, Patricia Reilly.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB40 Milkweed42
Spinelli, Jerry.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB42 Molly Moon's Incredible Book Of Hypnotism42
Byng, Georgia.  Cassette Tape  $34.95  
AUB43 Redwall42
Jacques, Brian.  Cassette Tape  $35.00  
AUB46 A Single Shard42
Park, Linda Sue.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB49 The Theif Lord42
Funke, Cornelia Caroline.  Cassette Tape  $28.00  
AUB51 The Wee Free Men42
Pratchett, Terry.  Cassette Tape  $24.95  
AUB54 Where I'd Like To Be42
Dowell, Frances O'Roark.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB55 A Year Down Yonder42
Peck, Richard,  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB58 Bridge To Terabithia Aub58 (cass)42
Paterson, Katherine.  Cassette Tape  $22.00  
AUB60 From The Mixed Up Files Of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler42
Konigsburg, E. L.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB62 Hatchet42
Paulsen, Gary.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB63 Holes42
Sachar, Louis,  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB64 Island Of The Blue Dolphins42
O'Dell, Scott,  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB65 Maniac Magee42
Spinelli, Jerry.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB66 My Brother Sam Is Dead42
Collier, James Lincoln,  Cassette Tape  $24.95  
AUB67 Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry42
Taylor, Mildred D.  Cassette Tape  $30.00  
AUB68 Shiloh42
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB70 Tuck Everlasting42
Babbitt, Natalie.  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB71 A Wrinkle In Time42
L'Engle, Madeleine.  Cassette Tape  $26.00  
AUB73 The Fifth Of March42
Rinaldi, Ann.  Cassette Tape  $35.00  
AUB74 The Fifth Of March42
Rinaldi, Ann.  CD  $49.95  
AUB76 Lionboy42
Corder, Zizou.  Cassette Tape  $29.95  
AUB77 Lionboy42
Corder, Zizou.  CD  $29.95  
AUB78 Surviving The Applewhites42
Tolan, Stephanie S.  Cassette Tape  $24.00  
AUB93 Eragon42
Paolini, Christopher.  Cassette Tape  $39.95  
AUB94 The Fire Eaters42
Almond, David,  Cassette Tape  $18.00  
AUB96 Lily B On The Brink Of Cool42
Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB97 Messenger42
Lowry, Lois.  Cassette Tape  $25.00  
AUB99 Princess In Pink: The Princess Diaries Vol 542
Cabot, Meg.  Cassette Tape  $30.00  

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